1. He shows up once in Season 3 too for the people that don't. Same actor anyway as Greasy lawyer.

  2. He’s the guy who says I will sue to the peeps in the park if he saw his face on tv?

  3. Yeah, Lucy's lawyer. Long before TPB, him and Jroc were sort of comedy duo on a show together for about 7 years. They both even show up in Cory's hip hop group's video in 1994 from their album Trailer Park Hip Hop. Which the video takes place in the same park and same Legion Netflix used. As that was the park Cory grew up in.

  4. Workin man, season 4 finale episode 8, it’s the sesh where he tried to blow him up previously in episode 7 propane propane

  5. Hopefully randingo was awarded for his great work as assistant trailer park supervisor as well

  6. From russia wit the love bone - nomesayin

  7. You’re saying gnomesaying too many times once or twice is fine but 80 or 90 times maaaan?!

  8. Honestly he had two solid cameos that worked for me, and he was the only one that I liked next to tom Arnold for cameos. At least tom had a funny ending… he’s about to screw Lucy then he decided to instead just pay for the hotel room and crank it

  9. Fuckin way of the road!!! And you can’t have a tv program that shows PISS JUGS!!!

  10. Yup! I couldn’t think of anything else and technically Rockstar did call the submarine weaponized cars Strombergs so I guess it’s not that far of a stretch to do something in reference to bond, hell my VIP organization is called EON ENT LLC whenever I do work.

  11. Named 2 pets after Homeward Bound characters. Black cat, Shadow and a Lab mutt, Chance

  12. I fucking want the deluxo but the torredor is op as well

  13. Deluxo and stromberg my jam tbh, but the ruiner 2k looks solid, imma go for the yacht!

  14. Because I’d rather have something to listen yacht rock to while being on you know a yacht than not

  15. And if they don't want to read they can just watch a weekly discounts video from someone like TGG, GhillieMaster, or Digital Car Addict (my fav)

  16. I just got mine yesterday, it’s solid, I just did two jobs for it involving Moodyman and man is it doing well so far.

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