1. while i would prefer a Tuesday episode this week, Pulte's tweet just now might warrant an episode

  2. Unmasking is an interesting word choice.

  3. Honestly I would recommend ignoring Kais on Twitter. He’s a good guy, just don’t think his heads in the right place. Thank you for all that you do! Whether or not you are involved in BBBY, what you do for people in need is amazing and I support you 100% in that endeavor. Especially with where the economy is right now, you bring some light to many people’s lives!

  4. In the corner is buck bunny waiting for the money shot is the tinfoil DD of this degenerate meme. on time!

  5. He’s already banging my wife and she’s the jealous type.

  6. What the hell is the lore behind the scenes with this one? Any cohencidences?

  7. Wish I had more details to go into with this one, but sadly I don’t. He’s a whale for sure though.

  8. The son of a bitch stole Plur's suit!

  9. Tl dr summarize what's inside?

  10. This is the court granting permission for BBBY to pay it's sales, use, property, and other governmental taxes. During bankruptcy, all payments must be authorized by the court, especially early on in the proceedings. I don't think this is huge, but it definitely shows progress in the proceedings.

  11. Well it gives them the power to negotiate and if you ever had an unpaid bill that gets sent to a debt collector, you typically can negotiate and pay less.

  12. It appears I still have the ability to purchase options at that strike price and date in TD Ameritrade.


  14. I don’t who reported this, but you all can eat a fat chode.

  15. I’m just the dude, whose playing the dude. I know who I am..

  16. I’m definitely going to have to rewatch the stream 😂

  17. Yes let’s focus on BBBY! Not drama

  18. Nice meme except for one small thing, why is Adam Aron in this meme? 😬😆😂

  19. It’s an old meme I made from back during the GME and AMC era. I didn’t really give the Adam Aron being left in it much thought lol

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