1. Is it possible that the Chinese balloon isn't actually gathering data for the PRC and is just a ploy for Beijing to track how NORCOM gathers intelligence data in real time? Curious what others ITT think about this possibility.

  2. The only person I came out to post a lot of anti feminist/ trad wives content. She literally posted about someone finding god and modesty. I'm fucking worried NGL. I need to stay in the closest for a few more years. FUCKKKKKK

  3. There are no other friends in your life you feel comfortable telling how you actually feel?

  4. Nope. Every one is kinda of a shithead and she used to be the most progressive person I knew but idk what happened

  5. Aight fuck it. I'm starting it rn it's my day off and I've been playing Madden since 5 am

  6. Jesus Christ the Isles gave up a 1st and two other players? What are they smoking?

  7. Shut out by a team that hasn't participated in the 3rd period in 11 games.

  8. Big shout to the Ukrainian tank crews that are going to get a 6 month crash course in a weapon system that can take years to master. Hell yeah brother!

  9. It has a multi-fuel turbine engine that allows it to run on multiple fuel systems (including diesel), but I'm not familiar with how often or how well they perform with it considering jet fuel is its primary fuel system for propulsion.

  10. Germany sending a company of Leopard 2A6 tanks to Ukraine

  11. Extremely notable update. Some tank/armor experts have graded this above the Abrams M1A2.

  12. Just FYI you can now ping multiple groups at the same time. If you type “ping MILITARY&UKRAINE” (with the !) it’ll ping both groups simultaneously without having to create separate comments

  13. Said this in another thread, but I think these points will be important to consider for those wondering what kind of role tanks like the Abrams can play right now. It depends on a couple things:

  14. Can someone explain the actual tactical advantage of giving a small amount of tanks to Ukraine?

  15. Neil Druckmann directed this episode so of course we’re gonna get plenty of shoutouts to the game. Ellie can’t swim, crossing planks, using cloth and tape to bandage up, “help me up” to lift a character over a ledge, stealth to avoid clickers, overturned cabinets to block doors, and fire killing clickers

  16. As a HALO and a TLOU fan, it kills me to know that HALO could have been given this treatment and love. This shows blows the Paramount show out of the water.

  17. Looks like next week will have a pre-20 years flashback as well. Maybe that’s a thing every episode, I’d like that

  18. Sinema punching her staff assistant carrying all her personal groceries and dry cleaning as we speak

  19. This is the worst dating advice I've seen

  20. "This might sound weird, but..." is something people definitely want to hear from a complete stranger as an introduction

  21. Monstrum Micro Red Dot Mount for Mossberg 500/535/590/835/Shockwave Series Shotguns. I chose it because it is low, affordable, and has 3 screws securing it to the receiver, instead of two

  22. Probably not this specific mount, but there are other options out there, maybe check out Meadow Creek mounts if it's not drilled and tapped

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