1. Factually accurate retort, but it's written with a very condescending tone and an obvious typo that invalidates my whole point

  2. Pretty, beautiful, you feel safe around him, and other things like that. In 18 years I’ve blushed 3-5 times but only once from a compliment and that was being called adorable

  3. I have adhd and I just cringed into my fucking soul

  4. Bro I get tired of that stupid thing so much as well, like tf you mean “golden retriever energy” bitch?? I’m tired after 5 minutes

  5. McDonald's near me had a sign for a while that said up to $800/week. Not a chance is that actually the case. Wendy's has one for "Up to $19 an hour", and probably the same level of bullshit.

  6. I work at a non descript homophobic chicken fast food chain and the job was advertised at $14-$17 an hour and they get me on board and say that the starting range is $11.50-$12.50 an hour

  7. Having 8 years of taxes to catch up on isn’t quirky or fun, shit keeps me up at night.

  8. Yeah I know, as I said it keeps me up at night hahaha.

  9. People who REFUSE to change their mind regardless of evidence presented.

  10. My greatest phrase is “I’m a big enough man to admit I’m wrong, however I’m also a small enough man to blame the person who has lied to me for my stupidity”

  11. If they refer to chips as crisps it’s pretty big for me. Not a deal breaker but I can’t stand it.

  12. Not necessarily but if I hear them say crisps when referring to Doritos thats just a turnoff for me.

  13. I was there when it started and when it ended. I loved every god damn minute of it.

  14. me who was at the end of the og mcyt and start of this new mcyt

  15. I was there when it started and when it ended. I loved every god damn minute of it.

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