So some kids with autism and other conditions need a safety bed to keep them contained and safe. I built this one for my grandson. Seemed presumptuous to post here but was told to do so. Hope you like.

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  1. This is disgusting, Certified should be ashamed selling this trim as shake, I'd be contacting them for a fucking refund

  2. i just sent them a message actually. thanks for your encouragement lol

  3. Don’t expect the new dispensaries to have better discounts out the gate. They’ll start low and eventually get better once they recoup the initial opening costs.

  4. Dude, The Landing in Cleveland had bomb ass deals every day the first month they opened, and they regularly have 25-30% off sales on multiple brands at once

  5. You've been blessed! This isn't infuriating at all 😁😂

  6. There’s probably a post somewhere else on this website by a guy complaining that his roommate has like 10 cats and is constantly trying to frame him as a meth addict.

  7. You said and I quote ..” I’ve gotten seed and Strain over the last 2 years “lol

  8. Context is everything, you cut out the part where I say "multiple times over the last 2 years I've been in the program" the "been in the program" part completely changes the meaning and tense of my comment 😂😂

  9. Yes they have, Columbia Care began operation in Ohio in 2019, and Seed&Strain is Columbia Care, it's just one of their brands

  10. Yeahhh, mine's looking just as good as yours super happy with the pick up! For some reason none of my posts with pictures are going through kn the sub or I would have had mine posted last night, I got some giant ass nugs in mine!

  11. I literally thought the same out the corner of my eye while scrolling, but I'm stoned. What's your excuse? 😭😂😂

  12. 8/29/2022 so about 7 months ago, but it's got the fat humidity control pack in it and the nug I used was super kiefy and not dry at all 👌

  13. Thank you very much for that information. That's actually a little bit better than I expected to be honest. I really love green runt from them. It's got such a refreshing taste. It's just usually dry but I haven't had it since they've been putting humidity packs in. If you vape the oil is pretty tasty as well. I'd give you an award if I had one bud, but all I got is some upvotes for you

  14. Hell yeah, I appreciate the kind words. I just went through my entire oz and finished trimming all the nugs by hand, and surprisingly, I only had a gram of sticks and leaves, and .7 of little popcorns, most of my oz is huge ass buds, I hope your's is the same!

  15. Priced at $64 for a Half O @ Columbia Care Dayton. And thats with the 20% discount for all products today. Nice to see someone in our program get a good priced Oz. Happy medicating. 😊

  16. Thanks! They have more in stock! Kind of far af from Dayton tho haha

  17. I thought I got a deal with my $50 half of Gelatti kush Mintz. My camera's broken and I don't have enough karma to post anyway. Wanted a new account since this is more personal info

  18. I still have a few grams of the Gelatti Kush Mintz half of smalls I got a couple months back for the same price as you got it for and I love it!

  19. Yeah I was gonna say the same, calculate the discount yourself, it's always right when you get to the dispo!

  20. The app/website doesn't always reflect the discount, if you're talking about Amplify, the discount this weekend is 10/20/30 (1 item =10%, 2=20%, 3+=30%) mix and match on BR brands, Certified, Columbia Care brands and Botanist/Superflux 👌

  21. These containers are a lil tricky and easier to open than you think, it only takes a slight turn and then you lift up haha I had a similar issue my first time with the caminos too tho

  22. Definitely made with the new Mini Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal OP! Recently got a box, looks just like this 👌

  23. It's a full spectrum cart, that's why it's darker, as opposed to distillate which tends to be fairly light

  24. Is there any Sativa in that strain's lineage? My wife is looking for a Straight Indica, because Sativa's can cause here to have a seizure. OG Kush is also no good for her.

  25. I'd be the wrong one to ask man, I would feel responsible if I said no and she ended up having a seizure 🤷‍♂️

  26. Starting my day with some Strawberry Cheesecake, super terpy!

  27. This place is right around the corner from my house, small ass world ahaha

  28. Just grabbed a jar that claims to be 31.7% THC, hittin hard! Taste isn't too strong on it tho

  29. Hah well you are allowed to think whatever you want. But if I'd waste a second of my time to make a donkey ass comment like that I'd be ashamed of myself.

  30. I'm literally laying in bed about to go to sleep and then I see this 🙃

  31. That's like saying weed is essentially a tomato, fuck out of here with that shit 😂

  32. I have the same style, chine quartz, paid 30 bucks with a carb cap

  33. When you see the FiveGuys employee filling the whole bag with fries instead of just the cup

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