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  1. Thank you for the review. Looks great! I'm extremely happy with my last three BR flower purchases.

  2. I've always been please with their flower and I've gone through prolly 8 halfs, a few tenths and 1 8.49 from them. All have been good and on the cheaper side as far as our program goes

  3. I got a half of BR Super Sour Orange and it was fire. They were out last time, so I tried Grapefruit Sour Dream and Mint Julep--both excellent. I have pics and stats on all and really should post reviews!

  4. That's funny because the last halfs I bought a couple months ago were those same two! πŸ˜‚ I enjoyed both, also had the sneak peak of the Vanilla Frosting with that pick up which was really good as well

  5. I preordered the game and tried playing it again like 6 months ago, and the lag and instability in the game only got worse, I wasted 60 dollars on this game because the early release demo ran so well and gave me a false sense of hope

  6. You vaped it too high man! Need to be under 3v for live resin or you'll burn the terps!

  7. I have about a quarter left of an oz of Biscotti Pancakes I got from them and I've been loving it! That Pancakes should be good πŸ‘Œ

  8. You've touched on it a little, but can you explain what this does and why it is good? It's so weird I've lived in a legal state for seven years and never heard of this, lol.

  9. As far as I know it's newer technology, freeze drying the buds is supposed to keep it in a fresh plant state and prevent the degredation of terpenes and cannabinoids, basically should have higher test results than traditionally cured cannabis

  10. Some of the smoothest flower I've had, no cough and I always cough!

  11. It's like the scientist from Star Trek Discovery lol

  12. Big facts. Shits not worth no fucking $60 a 8th. They won’t let you get deals on the $60 8ths and that’s the only thing good there! Me and my girl loved the 2090 shit tho. We just went for the experience and so happened to meet him. I’m a fan of his music so it was a good moment.

  13. Their prepacked 8ths are on special every day mix and match half for 125 oz for 225 lol

  14. They always bottleneck the CPU in prebuilds as well, normally when you build yourself it's the GPU you want to be using 100% of lol

  15. It's funny because when I got my Ohio medical card a year ago Tally Mon from FiSci was my first pick up as well lmfao

  16. I just use the tip of my pinky and shake the joint by the end to pack it into the tip, and then push the tip in after since I roll with it half out

  17. I've played through half the game, it definitely will have you wondering what the fuck you're playing lol psychological horror for sure

  18. Tbh I love amazing buds in Adrian. Along with pinnacle in morenci. But the bud tenders at amazing budz (this one chick in particular) really knows her stuff and she seems to enjoy telling me all about what’s what etc. they are great nice informative people and I’ve never gotten an expired product. Highly recommend them!

  19. Hell yeah, I hit up AB a few weeks ago and it was a nice spot, they were super busy too

  20. I'm from Ohio too and went to the Gage in Adrian a few weeks back and the first thing I said to the budtender was that I only want bud that was tested within the last 4 months (only 5 of the prepackaged on the shelf were from this year so super limited choice) and everything I left with has all been super nice for what I paid, I got 4 oz. In total, sucks they would sell you expired product at another one of their locations tho, they def had some avaialble that was from April of last year at the spot I went to, the bud tender was like "yeah you don't want that" and I said "why, when's it from" and he said, "April... not this April, last April.." πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  21. so are you saying its solventless or solvent because all the research ive done says its solventless and im confused on your response saying now that its solventless whipped hash rosin

  22. This stuff here in this post is made with solvents, it seems to be a zero oxygen whipped live resin budder. The flan sold in other markets is solventless typically is what I was trying to say.

  23. Yea thats true, and they have one of the worst reputations in the traditional market. Eventually they're gonna have to get new labels with different branding if they want anyone to buy their shit.

  24. Oh ok I see what you're saying, I thought you were referencing the Ben and Jerry's rip off lol

  25. He said it’s from the dispensary

  26. Absolutely did not come from a dispensary, Dank Vapes have been known fakes for atleast 4 or 5 years now, never have they ever been sold in a legit dispensary

  27. They give you a free pair of cargo shorts with every qtr gram purchase too.

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