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  1. Everyone who isn't under the Genderfluid Umbrella is Gendersolid

  2. Stupid af question but that does include gay right?

  3. Lesbian includes Women and Non-binary People and Vincian/Gay includes Men and Non-binary People

  4. In my First Language the word we use for They is the same we use for She :,)

  5. So, German is like that. I have some nb people in my uniclasses, we more or less decided to just use they them even in German conversations, which sound weird at first, but eh. Maybe that's an option for you too?

  6. Why does the Flag in the Background just look like the Germany Flag with a White Stripe added ontop?

  7. Hearts stand for all kinds of Love, not just Romantic

  8. Para-gender is like Demi-gender but instead of being Half-Half, it's 75% and 25%

  9. Fyi: The Circle in the Intersex Flag is Purple, not Red

  10. Oh, I'm really sorry, I didn't catch that

  11. While it does fall under the Definition, nobody should be forced to use a Label they aren't comfortable using

  12. Why are People so okay with People changing their Last Name when getting married but not when a Trans Person changes their first Name???

  13. I mean, isn't being Agender having a gender?

  14. Aromantic and Asexual are a wide Spectrum reaching from someone feeling no Attraction at all to feeling a bit in certain circumstances

  15. I thought I was the only one who gagged when seeing People kiss XD

  16. They're important parts of their Identity though so adding them to their Me Monday Self Depiction together with their LGBT+ Identified is completely valid

  17. you can't just assume that they are somehow evil. they could be a non-profit run on donations for all we know

  18. This the same people that want romantic relations with Gardevoir too? -.-

  19. Disturbing Fact: The Games say that People and Pokémon used to marry eachother O.o

  20. But they are data so technically they are binary? 🤔 Lol

  21. ...... so by your logic, do you also think English teachers correcting your grammar on a piece of paper is also infantization? What ridiculous nonsense.

  22. Teachers literally exist to teach you that stuff, that's a completely different situation

  23. Correcting trans men to trans man (when talking about one person) is proper grammar. This is not infantization, or ableist. This is simply correcting a small grammar mistake into what is properly written.

  24. What is OT? I'm a baby gay plz help I don't know what's going on

  25. It's One Topic at a Time on YouTube! You should really go check out his Videos! He makes allot of LGBT+ Videos and is a great Ally!

  26. Would we be allowed to say she’s queer or does that still fall under labelling? /gq

  27. I feel this to my core. I introduced myself with "Hello my name is Parker I go by they/he pronouns (at the time) I prefer they/them! You might see me respond to deadname but please don't call me that" she said it was to confusing and would call me by my deadname and she/her needless to say we didn't get along well

  28. I'd slap the shit outta anyone doing that on purpose You got good Self Control XD

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