People who are pro-gun, why?

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. Better to have it and not need it to need it and not have it.

  2. I go back and forth on this all the time. Especially since having a kid. Keeping the house safe has never been more important than it is now.

  3. So is there likely going to be a 4090 Ti, or will the Titan take its place?

  4. Based on the rumors - yes, there will still be room for a 4090TI.

  5. During the lumber shortage last year this would be like hiding gold bricks

  6. Factory is one thing, shouldn’t the delivery centers check the car before it goes to the customer?

  7. It's in no way the delivery centers job to check the build quality of the vehicles.

  8. Implying wrestling is real fighting and not stuntmen..

  9. To be completely fair - The guy isn't in the position he's in because of a lack of talent and work ethic.

  10. There are no laws of nature that inhibits the possibility for us to replicate consciousness as far we know. So it is not preposterous for us to assume it will happen one day. The question is, what do we do when that day comes?

  11. You pull the fucking plug out of the wall and don't think twice.

  12. "He was so inebriated that when he got to the cop to tell him i was chasing them... the cop told him he better get in his car and go home before he went to jail"

  13. Wow! So my Tesla is capturing CO2 from the air and storing it somewhere for millions of years?

  14. And, according to Musk like a week ago, we’re technically at the tail end of our own ice age.

  15. So long as the majority of cars on the road are driven by other humans? Full self driving will never work as intended.

  16. While I have seen you post this before and applaud your ability to think critically, the truth is the people you are commenting it to believe the universe revolves around them. They have their own agenda/opinions and likely nothing anyone says will convince them otherwise.

  17. There's a lot of flaming the fire in here. Maybe people don't want to hear it, but they should.

  18. For the contracts - Do you have contextual tap enabled? If not, this is a huge QOL option that not all know about. It fixes this problem.

  19. God boating is just not safe. Growing up in Florida, you see these tragic stories all the time. Gone too soon.

  20. Boating itself is a very safe activity should you follow the rules and, well, just be safe.

  21. Man, the issues with this game aren’t map related. I can’t imagine a resurgence map will save the issues that are going on.

  22. What do you want to play instead? Cod would be so much better if you guys quit playing.

  23. Warzone wouldn’t exist without people like “like me”.

  24. It's important to realize that 90% of the player base doesn't have eyes for all the small issues.

  25. There’s definitely a weird glitch relating to vehicles and that tunnel. Something Similar happened to me last night.

  26. I actually like the gulag, sure it sucks getting somebody who's shit as a partner but I found people actually pushed out of spawn a lot more than they did in the previous gulags we've had.

  27. I love the 2v2 aspect of the gulag. It promotes strategy rather than just running into a corner and waiting.

  28. 10 hours daily? That's quite a bit. Is it work related somehow or do you just have a lot of free time?

  29. If you work for a company which enforces a policy that your entire 8 hours + should be spent strictly engulfed by work related everything... you should be looking for a new place to work.

  30. Tesla owners and investors can't fathom that they can't have their cake and eat it too.

  31. OP did good but you just don't carpet a bathroom. Carpets in general are kinda gross. They'll show the steam cleaners in the commercial getting all the way to the "root" of the carpet but yeah no. So imagine all the piss and poop particles being married with the carpet.

  32. I have seen those door to door salesman in older American movies but I thought it is a thing of the past since mobile phones and internet. It is still so common? What is a success rate of that salesman?

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