What are teens today not ready to hear?

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  1. I get what you mean! That would be very frustrating, especially when the solution is obvious

  2. I wish I knew how my would will turn out. I want to know how my life will turn out. Will I make it in life? Will I get my dream job?Will I still live with my parents? I have so many questions yet no answers.

  3. I grew up in California and never felt at home there which may tell you something. I now live in Washington.

  4. Washington is ok, though we do have the “Seattle freeze”

  5. I consider myself very attractive. Better yet I know I’m attractive

  6. It was great, and that day, I liked how I looked just fine! Feeling pretty okay about it today, too.

  7. I used to have that problem with my family because there are a few narcissists in my immediate family and you can’t criticize or even give the slightest hint of a negative comment without them getting overly offended and sensitive. A lot has changed though, one of them has made efforts to be better and I’ve changed so now I’m very forward and won’t back down if it needs to be said.

  8. This is because you have matured. I don't usually associate maturity with age, but usually life experiences make us grow and more mature. There is a similar proverb in my country: "Life consists of 5 spoons of honey and 40 wagons of shit" 😂😂

  9. Yes, “bad association spoils useful habits” If you hang out enough with toxic people, eventually you’ll fall into the same trouble, either by picking up their habits or suffering the consequences of their actions.

  10. I don’t know that I’ve met one... what is your type like and what might an INFP find annoying about you?

  11. I understand your frustration, I’ve been in the hospital for having these thoughts. I felt done as well, but just think about it... ending your life will be such a permanent solution when your problem is only a temporary one. I know I’m just on the internet and can’t do much more than try to encourage you, but I promise that things change and things can get better. If you call *211 in AZ they do have resources for people in your spot. Give it a shot.

  12. I wish they would give me literally one more week and i would have the money, I am so disappointed in myself

  13. It’s going to be ok, a lot of people find themselves in these situations. Things happen and I’m sure you did the best you could. It doesn’t seem like an impossible thing to talk to your landlord and explain about your job? If he’s difficult to talk to, can you get a payday loan? I know those aren’t the best option, but since you’re in a bind it’s an option and since you have a job you can pay it back quickly. Do you not have any friends to loan you the money?

  14. Letting their kids run around being loud in inappropriate places, like stores or restaurants

  15. Honestly, Calling you names and trying to intimidate you because you don’t want to date a specific person, is downright abusive. You don’t have to date anyone at all, and you certainly don’t owe anyone an explanation.

  16. Not getting what you want or someone not always agreeing with your views on life does not always equal someone being unfair, unkind, racist, ageist, etc, etc....

  17. I need help with that but it would be an intense novel or mystery, I think!

  18. I do. I like my anonymity. I’ve also enjoyed not getting sick

  19. Yessss! I’m so articulate in my head and then it just comes out as a splatter when I say it out loud.

  20. I can’t stand when people make generalizations just because they’ve had a few bad experiences.

  21. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you condone or accept another persons hurtful behavior. It does mean that you let it go and refuse to build up resentment and bitterness. It also doesn’t mean that just because you forgive someone, that you allow them to walk all over you over and over, but it does mean that you don’t retaliate against them or talk badly about them, instead putting up boundaries in your dealings with them. It’s also important to know that you don’t let them get back into your good graces until they show a changed pattern of behavior and prove that they want to have a good and peaceful relationship with you. Like anything else, forgiveness requires balance and is something mostly done for yourself. Forgiveness is a beautiful thing, all of us mess up at some point, and I don’t know about you, but having someone refuse to ever forgive you or make up with you, feels horrible and id never do that to someone who was repentant.

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