1. The fact that man’s real name is Carlos is hilarious for some odd reason

  2. I find it unique and beautiful. If I had to choose one SUV, it's either DBX or Bentayga.

  3. Do they ride on the same platform? Or am I within two different families?

  4. Nah everyone saying pisces/taurus/aquarius, this is 100% sag energy cmon. A pisces wouldn’t be so bothered about falling asleep or have such a set life philosophy on being efficient. A Taurus wouldn’t have such set precedents on this type of thing, plus would be more orderly abt it. Aquarius is more likely but this is STRONG sag.

  5. Im a pisces and I’m telling you now that I prefer the floor to my bed sometimes. I can literally fall asleep wherever I can get comfy, I’m not picky at all lmao

  6. Lol she’s only screaming cuz she was probably talking shit. However I do agree with y’all, the excessive extra force wasn’t needed. She just taught ol’ girl never to even look in her direction ever again

  7. GTA 5 gets over hated because of its online

  8. No that game was genuinely not as good as we made it out to be, especially after being around for the hype of IV when that came out.

  9. I didn't really like GTA V's 3 characters gimmick, yes we get 3 interwoven stories but it messes up the pacing for me

  10. Not unpopular. Not a common take either but I feel the same, hopefully having two characters in the next game will slow the pacing a bit

  11. This car always intrigued me. It’s honestly a good looking car but some of the dimensions make it look bigger and smaller than it is at the same time.

  12. Pisces are prone to addictions. Introduce them to drugs or alcohol and get them hooked and then ruined their life. It’s best to also encourage them to off themselves too. Harvest their organs for money

  13. Lol if it’s on the street like that chances are it’s more than likely a replica. As valuable as they are nobody would leave that thing around like that

  14. This genuinely hurts my feelings. Dear God how could somebody let the best gen Maxima go like this?

  15. I’m confused. Like, was any of that supposed to be funny? Was she a bad person? There’s a lot of context I’m missing I’m afraid

  16. There’s no feet involved. This DEFINITELY was before Dan got there

  17. I have people that drive like this. Like the fact that it’s a Nissan makes it less ironic but still, do these people not care about consequence?

  18. And Toyota is also printed on the engine for the Supra engine but we know BMW built that


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