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  1. That's actually pretty tough in my opinion (except for overdrive) it's as difficult to say which disney era season is my favorite as saying which was My favorite fast and furious movie (for me, furious 7)

  2. I'd say the first underrated Ranger ever was Adam. Time eventually would prove that to be true. But during his first season, he was stuck in the shadow of the veteran rangers.

  3. Maddie is awesome. She doesn’t get much to do in growth, but that’s ok because her character is already good as it is. Her being the mom of the group is a lot more endearing and leads for some great moments for her being the voice of reason at times. She is super underrated, although it is a shame she apparently has a thing for Nick of all people.

  4. Thank god I'm not the only one, I was just thinking of her because I'm on mystic force rn, and she's amazing, I hope hasbro makes a figure of her (hoping she doesn't collapse like lucas' lightning collection figure)

  5. I'll probably be afk when they reboot the franchise since I'm so over reboots

  6. Hip hop kido and the flip/elbow to Robot Rita. So cool.

  7. Bringing back the OG alpha voice actor. I didn’t like alpha’s voice in Turbo, In Space or Lost Galaxy.

  8. Thank god I'm not the only one! Alpha's voice in turbo sounded like he was trying to be hip

  9. First of all, your take is pretty chill my guy. Most fans consider it the best as well.

  10. Nope you’re the only one. It’s crazy they made it into an iconic piece of this franchise when only

  11. Ik its technology not a battlizer, and sick of mmpr getting milked, but I just want a single release dragon shield jason

  12. Man has 5 breakers, 1 strike, and 0 blocks. Well done.

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