1. Hell yeah, I got 'The Doggy Bagg' rn from Cookies that's Snoops strain, and it's a Zkittlez cross that's really prominent in it's Zkittlez lineage and it's been blowing me away! Everytime I've had any type of Zkittlez cross I've had the same thoughts: Wow! lol the Purple Zkittlez was good and I've had a few from Certified that were good too

  2. I’ve been wanting to snag that for a long time! Good to hear it’s so awesome! ✌🏻

  3. That 1.8% CBG is probably what’s helping with the stomach issues. Can’t wait to try one of these myself.

  4. It helps so much in the am when I first get out of bed!

  5. I work in the industry, I’m a woman… and totally outnumbered in my crew.

  6. Innovative Healing Solutions has luster pods out today!! Check out Columbia Care Monroe!

  7. Imagine how hard it is when they make small packages & the extract is leaking. I’d rather one that doesn’t leak. JS…..✌🏻

  8. The bud tenders educate themselves and care about this community very much. They give extensive education back to the patients. Do you tip at a restaurant, hairdresser, taxi, etc….. when you are educated you feel the need to give back to that person because they went above and beyond their job. If not don’t. Those are also the people that say thank you and others that just walk away. I’d tip my bud tender in a hot second. They go through a ton and deserve all of our respect. They are NOT the company.

  9. Have you ever learned about terpenes from a bud tender? If not …. Be patient next time you go in & ask.

  10. I renewed with it was $69 for renewal & $50 to the state super easy!

  11. As a former employee snacks are appreciated in trade of tips 🙌🏻

  12. Kandy kush vape & the 1:1 black cherry gummies ✌🏻💚💨

  13. They have orange velvet underground in a vape at POW 💥

  14. Just had orange velvet underground it was amazing!! From pure Ohio Dayton

  15. Did anyone mention orange velvet underground? So great!

  16. How is it and what terps are in it and how much was it?

  17. b-Caryophyllene, a-humulene, cis-nerolidol, linalool, b-mycrene

  18. Thank you, one more question. Do you know if the terps are botanical?

  19. They are NOT botanical they come straight from the plant. 😀

  20. Try the THC drinks or powders that you can add to any drink!! The powder is made by #Growohio #butterflyeffect thc drinks #wellspringfields

  21. I really enjoy the Klutch brand ... with the pods it’s a toss up because when you begin hitting them they are fantastic, then after awhile they fade, begin to clog a bit & then you can’t seem to know how much is left. With Grow Ohio you don’t have those issues. Smooth sailing the entire way. 👏🏻

  22. Personally I’m done with Klutch pods because of clogged issues but alllll the way there with Grow Ohio!!

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