[Highlight] Cal Raleigh launches a walkoff home run to defeat the Oakland A's and clinch the Seattle Mariners' first playoff berth since 2001, ending the longest-running postseason drought in North American sports.

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  1. Remember kids, with time and effort, you too can be bought and sold as a commodity!

  2. Virginity for women is a choice but virginity for men isn't a choice? I...I don't even...

  3. Seriously, somebody tell this dude about Nevada’s prostitution laws…

  4. “Modern dating is impossible for men like me”

  5. 3-2 with two outs in the bottom of the ninth. Literally the backyard scenario.

  6. As a real-life lesbian, can confirm. This is exactly how we have sex. I have had to have my pussy reattached several times.

  7. Is it like a Christmas cracker? The person who keeps the bigger piece tops?

  8. God damn, man, use some fucking punctuation!

  9. That sub removes so much stuff because some mod personally doesn’t like what you’re saying, and yet this gets approved…

  10. Wait, I thought Abbot was the piss baby. Are they both piss babies now?

  11. God damn it, literally the whole point is to keep this secret!

  12. Thus spake A̵̦̎l̷͚͆l̴̛ͅỵ̷̐, grand arbiter of who is and is not trans!

  13. People have been predicting the end of the world

  14. This is Skweezy Jibbs, I know that mother fuckers posts when I see em

  15. I was wondering about that, but the tone doesn’t quite feel right. I was thinking it might be a copycat.

  16. No it's one of his, can see it in the top posts on his sub

  17. You were scared about something before going to bed, so you had a dream related to it. No different from dreaming about a horror movie you watched right before you fell asleep.

  18. Sounds like snake handling if the prophet could tell the snake beforehand to bite the people they don’t like.

  19. Because you’re abusing the word oppression. If a government outlaws something, and you’re allowed civil disobedience and protest, are you really oppressed? Stop arguing with high and bored teenagers on Reddit and go do something about it. You’re a self proclaimed Marxist, go start your fairytale revolution already

  20. First, you can absolutely be oppressed even if your government “allows” you to protest. Look at the civil rights movement as a great example. It’s not a yes or no thing, which is the whole point of my original comment.

  21. First, then fucking go protest instead of sitting on your ass. MLK didn’t move the nation by arguing with potheads online.

  22. You really do have a one track mind. I do protest. And I vote. And I donate to political causes. And I chill out on Reddit.

  23. Sounds like someone’s gonna get punched by Santa…

  24. You say you’re there for J with support and love no matter what, but it doesn’t sound like you’re supporting or loving J if you refuse to consider the fact that J is actually trans.

  25. Consider the possibility then. Also, this reads very much like a one-sided account of the story. The first sentence says J refuses to talk to OP about it, but then OP says J told them all these things about it. Also, OP starts saying J is trying to be with a guy, but later mentions a trans girlfriend. That combined with the constant absolute refusal to refer to J as a trans woman or use she/her pronouns suggests to me that either J has given up on actually talking to OP, or OP just isn’t listening. Either way, not a lot of love and support.

  26. This history of pre-historic (right term? Idk) fascinates me and I wish we had more information on it.

  27. If you’re interested in the topic, look up the documentary hypothesis and similar ideas about the original composition of the Torah. In short, some biblical scholars (not all) believe that the first five books of the Old Testament are a compilation of different sources that were combined over time. This is why you have some sections where god is an unknowable being and some where god is chatting with Moses in a tent. Proponents of these ideas believe that the earliest sources were monolatrists, and later sources were monotheists.

  28. He’s trying to show respect. No different from saying Amen or Shalom.

  29. Good V̴̹̗͗͗̆̐̿͂̌͋͆̈o̵̘̟̜̥̤̘̝̳̼͉̮̐́̀͝͝ī̷̧̩͉͎̰̈́̀͒͊̔͑̉̈́̓͘̚d̴̨͇̰̳̝̜́͒̈́

  30. I'mma use that excuse when people ask why I don't have a dick. "I slipped and my dick came off"

  31. “It was a really crazy weekend. You should see the other person…”

  32. Remember all the lies about Michelle Obama?

  33. Israel was blessed when they had Godly leaders. I view our government the same, and thankfully we get to choose. Which also means responsibility because we're deciding. It doesn't make sense to me how a Christian could justify voting for the more secular candidate. I don't want a theocracy, but religious liberty is severely threatened by the left, who are a hair away from persecuting anyone they don't agree with. Look at what they're doing to Trump. Fear God - it's the beginning of wisdom.

  34. Would you force me by law to be a Christian if it was up to you?

  35. Just because it happens to align with religious doctrine doesn’t mean it is church controlled

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