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  1. Yeah I’ve known for a few years. I can’t even begin to describe how gaslit i felt when people told me they actually saw stuff haha

  2. Woah, I just realized when people say they can't draw and I'm like, "sure you can. Everyone can draw basic stuff. You just write down what you see in your mind." But they can't do that if they don't see in pictures. Fascinating.

  3. The neighbors hearing an explosion is the only piece of evidence that gets everyone thinking arson, and that's not very credible.

  4. Do you not see the popped tire lol people need to not look to close, think abt it it’s literally the “explosion” they heard like bruh

  5. My dad was a power lifter. Ask any elderly power lifter if they would’ve gone easier on their body in hindsight and I can almost guarantee they’d all say they would have. It’s not worth it.

  6. Have you seen Ronnie Coleman these days? Eight Mr. Olympia tites and now he can't walk without crutches.

  7. In a human dominated environment, being adorable is a viable survival strategy.

  8. Yeah child Anakin's was written for someone who was post-pubescent, not pre-. If you watch TPM again and pretend throughout the whole movie that he's actually 13-14 instead of 9, everything he says makes a lot more sense.

  9. Interesting. Also a 9 year old doesn't dream to leave his home as much as a 14 year old.

  10. Someone at least tell him why or what he could maybe try … dam y’all, that’s cold

  11. Unfortunately that would only give false hopes. Sorry for your loss OP

  12. My long term partnership ended yesterday. 4737 days, not engaged

  13. Buy a higher wattage basking bulb OR Or raise the basking spot OR find a rock that absorbs heat better.

  14. And covering at least part of the screen top will prevent as much heat from escaping.

  15. Kinda crazy that Wentz was on his way to being one of the greatest QBs in Eagles history, I mean just look at the names ahead of him lol. And the names behind him.

  16. A lot of parents in the area pretending that their four year old is named after some other Carson.

  17. Looks like a real nice heat gradient and many options for the beardie to thermoregulate.

  18. ELI5 if we are trying to see the origins of the universe, the “Big Bang” what would we be able to see? Would you find really bright light but then beyond that find only darkness?

  19. The further you look, the further back in time you see. If you look really far in any direction you would eventually see the big bang. It looks like static on a TV. It's called the cosmic background radiation.

  20. Ever see the one where they swap the wheels while it's up on two?

  21. The TikTok smartphone app monitors your clipboard and logs everything you type when you launch a webpage from TikTok's in-app browser, so there is the real possibility that they have been capturing sensitive data from outside the TikTok app to send back to their parent company in China.

  22. And every big company in China has to work with the government when they ask for shit.

  23. This is great advice. I just don’t think I can do it. I’m writhing in pain right now.

  24. The shitty, noticeable one is a decoy so that you stop looking for the much better hidden one right next to it.

  25. I think he was embarrassed because his truck saw him fall.

  26. It was actually a good save. He didn't get his pants wet.

  27. I don't get why they're holding the woman's legs... Take a picture, it will last longer.

  28. Do you think they took time to pose the flaps just right? Can't have one closed and one open.

  29. The fact that he has any chance whatsoever of buying himself a senate seat there is appalling.

  30. Saw Oprah in an ad last night apologizing and telling us NOT to vote for him.

  31. It’s 2022. It amazes me that they need a month to poll a few dozen sports writers, yet it takes a literal second to tell me that 37% of the ball crossed the back corner of the plate doing 90 mph.

  32. Unless they don't want the post-season results to influence the votes. It's more like Manager of the Regular Season.

  33. November 5th 1955 is the date Doctor Emmitt Brown invented the flux capacitor. Which is, of course, what makes time travel possible.

  34. My husband was a little terror when he was a kid, and he dumped his Coke on a Phillies player in the bullpen at Connie Mack.

  35. "The fans get a terrific view of the bullpen and the game, not to mention a stainless steel shelf on which to place their frosty beverage. Essentially, opposing pitchers are warming up in a corner bar. Think of it as the polar beer exhibit at the zoo.

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