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  1. I taught red cross for 7 years, feel like I have no idea what to do in LSS.

  2. No I definitely agree with the last point. I am a bronze instructor, and patrols feels like they should be left up to us because I have absolutely no idea how I would manage if I didn’t have this particular background. The fact that some LSS instructor are expected to teach things like removals or follow up which are really hard to remember, nevertheless teach, is mind blowing to me.

  3. Former competitive swimmer here, I did it in 5 something for my NL.

  4. It’s not that bad, you got this! I’m a Bronze Cross instructor. Some of the advice I always give my candidates are to practice their lifesaving kicks beforehand, especially as you will need it a lot for your tows. Also, review some basic FA (shock, ladder approach, rescuers checklist), and just listen to your instructor. It is more life guarding than Med is, however in my opinion that makes it more fun. Anyways, good luck!

  5. One of the most important things you can have is communication with your partner. If you notice that that communication isn’t like it used to be, as in he starts hiding things from you, or you find yourself more confused as to what he feels, run. Be upfront with what you feel, and let him be upfront as well.

  6. I let my assignments pile up until an hour before their deadline by which point in time my adhd superpowers kick in

  7. Exactly this. The night before it’s due I become a superhero with my assignments.

  8. Go to the course! Instructors will give you enough chances to pass, none of them want you to fail! Even if you fail, you will have still learned some really valuable skills which would make it way easier for you to pass your next one!

  9. Do breaststroke, making sure you blow out your bubbles, and do whip kick. Definitely do not do anything with flutter kick, it’ll slow you down.

  10. Nope, Canadian LG here, it’s definitely in the NL. I think they may have changed it/added it in recently.

  11. In this same vein of thought.. I often wish you could just take a pill and have all your nutrients and be full all day.. also not realistic, I’m aware

  12. Omg same! Everyone looks so confused when I tell them that!

  13. You live in France. No one gets a 100%

  14. I’m also a swim instructor! I second blast off for your second class. What’s also fun to add to that is a game like green light red, where they can really work on the power of their kicks.

  15. You may want to list the organization you got your FA from, as well as remove the word certifications from Br Cross or Br Med. As the other people have said, you being a black belt holder, albeit impressive, isn’t relevant to lifeguarding. As well, do you have your LSI or any teaching certificates? Depending on where you are in Canada you may not be able to actually get hired without one of them. Feel free to DM if you have any questions, I have a somewhat similar resume I can share if you would want an example.

  16. anything mushy - like if a banana is too ripe, it has to be "hard" for me to like them.

  17. Thank you. She was living in Vancouver and made the American Red Cross course CPR/AED - First-Aid course in Seattle. We are aware that this course is not useful to work in Canada, right?

  18. No, you would need the National Lifeguard Award - pool to work.

  19. I’m pretty young and recently got into the NHL but I’d have to say Carey Price

  20. I live in Saskatchewan where it typically takes about 7 business days, 10 at most.

  21. Oh no. The LSS in Sask is notorious now for sending the certificates like 1-2 months after. I have kids who I taught in September who have yet to receive their certificate.

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