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  1. I'm a year late. But I did end up buying a Knead.

  2. Ha! Thanks anyway. I bought mine soon after I posted the original post roo

  3. If you stuff enough bottle rockets up your ass, I bet you could beat those numbers at a fraction of the cost.

  4. But will the hospital bill be cheaper than a 992 Carrera T at MSRP?

  5. No kidding. Car dealers would be less rapacious than our vaunted health insurers.

  6. First pic is final product after a light detail following upgrades and bumper fix. Back story, the previous owner left a nasty scrape in the right side of the front and tried to cover it up (badly) with mismatched touch up paint. Shop had to plastic fill the scrape just to repair and paint it 🤦‍♂️

  7. I am almost afraid to see (hear) what you guys do the RS. Every review I've read claims it is the loudest thing they've driven.

  8. Yes, they are 3 and 5. That's when her parents started giving her coffee.

  9. Make sure you have a second passport handy in case they take the first one.

  10. We literally have active military personnel creating tik tok content. Blows my mind.

  11. No. That's a really fast ship. I think they're thinking of a Corvaire.

  12. Corvus. Latin for crow. There's one in the background trees holding a "help me" sign

  13. Naples and Ft Myers weren't really projected to take a direct hit and instead got the worst storm surge of the entire storm. If you look at camera footage, you can see water higher than stop signs and into the 2nd story of multifloor homes and condo units. If you wanted to evacuate, many places ran out of gas the day before the storm even hit. I had to evac the day after the storm and there were cars abandoned on the side of the road from Port Charlotte all the way to Georgia because of the lack of gas. I was in my 911 so had to bring a frunk full of gas cans. When I would stop, I would often have to check every pump at every gas station for 3-4 exits in a row to find premium gas. I have 2 cars and live here full time and wasn't able to properly evac, imagine the people who live in Ohio and have 10 cars down here. They're not making 10 trips to fly down and drive every car 20 hours back up North to safety. There were also no hotels available outside the path of the storm for 2 days before and weeks after.

  14. The AMG One is an astonishing technological achievement that seems to actually be compromised by it's no-compromise approach.

  15. Tell me you’ve never raced without telling me you’ve never raced. 14 seconds is a lifetime.

  16. ... or even followed racing with any level of attention ...

  17. I know the X100V is the new social media rage but a 23mm 2.0 lens isn't all that great for the sort of shots you seem to be going for.

  18. Bro told me to wait for light when I’m at a car meet and cars are leaving 💀 I had like 5 min to shoot each of these and I live in Malibu light is everywhere

  19. Can someone tell me what is actually happening in the picture?

  20. Op has managed to sneak a webcam into the Porsche manufacturing facility and is making sure the robots are treating his baby with proper care.

  21. Braked a tad late and then had liftoff oversteer? He definitely wasn't totally out of control and glad the car didn't end up mowing the entire runoff.

  22. This post makes me feel like it’s 2001 and “Fellowship of the Ring” just came out …

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