1. oh shit that's so creepy. i always think about that when i see catfish profiles and bots like, who are the people in the photos? do they know their photos are being used?? glad it was taken down

  2. My friend was (understandably) really upset about it at the time - especially since they set up the profile with her real name which they also took from Instagram.

  3. I agree. A group of kids used to ring our doorbell about a thousand times a night this time last year. They thought it was hilarious.

  4. But wait… if you muted the doorbell then how do you know they stopped 🤪

  5. I was on Sertraline myself when I had a pre-employment medical and I also wondered if I should disclose that or not.

  6. Ah if I knew their parents I definitely would’ve gave them a visit. But unfortunately it was dark and I could barely even see them to know if I recognised them. My options were 1) walk and say nothing 2) say something back 3) go beat on two teens.

  7. I did my leaving in 2010. Was religion like fairly catholic for people in the rest of the country then + now.

  8. Was it films like "Philadelphia" and "Dallas Buyers Club" or documentaries?

  9. Delarentos? I remember their song secret as a friend was an extra in the video.

  10. I mean theyre humans too. They have lives. But i grant you that they should operate on their “customers” time table more than their own.

  11. If you have been refused care by a few GPs around your local area, call the HSE directly and they’ll appoint one for you. They essentially force a GP to comply with their obligations.

  12. I tried this myself when I moved to a new town and that's only if you have a medical card unfortunately.

  13. i checked their depop and a lot of the hello kitty stuff i’ve seen are shein collabs and dropshipped alibaba/aliexpress stuff… so not missing much

  14. Maybe she's actually envious that ALL THE BITCHES have better Hello Kitty merch than her?

  15. This is just a different version of the "kIdS tHeSe DaYs dOn'T eVeN kNoW tHe BaNdS tHaT aRe oN tHeIr T-ShIrTs" complaint.

  16. Oh yeah, it was completely gross - but this was the same place who tried to argue back with me when I called in sick with a back injury (I had a doctor's note and everything).

  17. My favourite cringe thing she did was when she "quoted" her 4-year-old daughter as turning to her one day and saying "Mammy, I've decided I don't want to have kids when I grow up. I see how hard you work, how you stop your office from falling apart and how much you sacrifice and I just don't think I'd be up for it myself."

  18. does "you break it you buy it" idea not apply for something like that, or is it unenforceable with kids (or in this case you touch it which is equivalent) . Was the dad a dodgy scumbag that you were totally fearful of? If this was a shop selling fine china/porcelain and kid was willfully going around smashing stuff up I see it as little different -the parent should pay.

  19. I actually agree with you but my manager at this bakery was a spineless, lazy moron (can you tell I didn't like her?).

  20. Don’t usually get problems with teenagers. Did have to tell two old biddies to shut the fuck up during The Darkest Hour though.

  21. I sat in front of two old biddies during "An Cailín Ciúin" who kept loudly complaining that they didn't like it (warning: slight spoilers ahead but I would argue they didn't understand the ending).

  22. The actors all did a great job and the set design is gorgeous but I just didn't like the characterisation, the portrayal of the Addams Family or the writing in general.

  23. Last year, he definitely had a bump of magic snow during one of the ad breaks because he came back absolutely wired.

  24. Definitely a strong element of growing up with no fear of consequences and an entitlement to act however they want, especially when it comes to making the lives of others miserable.

  25. I might get downvoted for saying this but please don't take this out on the baristas and cashiers themselves (I'm not accusing you of doing that, there's nothing in your post to suggest that you did - I'm just using your post as a springboard to say this).

  26. My mother is one of those and it’s so fucking embarrassing. The thing she isn’t a nasty person at all, she just takes “getting ripped off” personally for some reason. Ever since the Karen thing got mainstream, I’ve at least got her to channel into email and not the staff. I think for a lot of older Irish people, it’s because there wasn’t really chains until they were in their 40s, so the manager was probably your neighbour and you could complain directly

  27. I turned down buying a ticket for Linkin Park in 2017, I was on a tight budget at the time and buying the ticket would've meant I was flat broke for a couple weeks or so, I told my friend who was going to the show "I'll catch them next time", turned out to be Chester's last ever gig. Something I'll regret for the rest of my life.

  28. Got this today, the link is looking for debt card details. Looks suspect. Anyone else getting these?

  29. I feel your pain. I rang them once to make a complaint about a certain service constantly not showing up or being cancelled at the last second.

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