2. Wish the meta stayed that way they're so expensive and I hate having to re-pylon every time the Behemoth moves and blow as much rams as it takes to buy 2 potions that last me almost 2 minutes each. on Tempest almost every consumable is useless so we just stack damage, and Pylon still doesn't really do a lot but it's free value so gotta use it when competing. With Impulse outside of Tempest Pylon has become a lot more of a necessity competitively as well simply because Impulse makes you have to sacrifice so much damage in your build that you have very little left and it makes Pylon a lot more noticeable.

  3. Juice WRLD was fattening up in Bandit, the comments on that vid were fucking hysterical before he died man. Bullying isn't exactly peak creativity but damn everything now is so lame it's just the same copy paste comments on all of his songs

  4. holy fucjk full mask off "homosexuals or other perverts" someone kill this guy with hammers we got him red janded

  5. he's out of line but he's right tbh. idk why he tried some weird personal insults when he couldve just started the video off by saying he agreed with pyro and pyro clearly was too lazy to listen to everything else the guy was saying. hate that he calls pyro a leafy clone and compares him to a bunch of other people who's highest effort video is probably a 1/10th of pyros 50th highest effort vid but pyro's still in the wrong so i'll let the stupid shots slide


  7. my highest is 40, if you're curious though i believe the highest on 1 weapon is over 3,000 and the highest overall across 7 weapons is like close to 5k now i think

  8. Malkarion with Sahvyt bond and Urska with Frostwulf bond are the best weapons for every weapon, Urska does a lot more damage if you're willing to use potions, but in some game modes the behemoths dies so fast that you spend more time walking than fighting so Malkarion's teleport is OP (and also being able to instantly shock a behemoth at the start of a fight makes it ridiculously easy. even Bloodshot on Blazeworks can be shock paralyzed in like 3 seconds if your teammates all use Malkarion teleport as well). Being able to instantly freeze a behemoth so that it can be staggerlocked for a much longer duration is insane in any drawn out fight and being able to give your whole team free 600 shield is also nuts both for safety and because Galvanized is nuts.

  9. if you can instantly shock a behemoth (which you will do easily if you have any teammates running malkarion with you), then chain it into a stagger and kill them before that stagger ends, then shock is the best. so like for fights where a behemoth can be killed in lets say under 20 seconds when staggerlocked malkarion is king. in a more drawn out fight, the slow from Urska will actually give you more behemoth stagger uptime than just a free shock effect would

  10. your weapon and armor give you cells which are capable of doubling, almost tripling your DPS in some cases and then the weapon unique effect and elemental damage bonus definitely matters a lot as well. i hate reforge but i don't really think it's weird that your level is a major factor in your offensive and defensive power i think that's par for the course in an mmo? although i haven't really delved much into others in the MH genre just others in the broader genre.

  11. check his profile, this guy is actually the real xxxtentacion youre gonna feel so dumb

  12. i thought dolans vid was an april fools joke, i cant believe this actually happened lmfao

  13. I feel like Elon musk is like the boss that gives you "free" pizza. He thinks he's really cool and everyone likes him for giving everyone pizza but everyone thinks he's kinda meh. People don't hate him, but don't really like him either. Such a strange anomaly that musk.

  14. my boss' boss (owner) gave me free pizza and is actually super cool and makes everyone laugh in mandarin (i have no idea what he's saying). was also the first person to notice my new haircut. i know i must be doing a shit job because the store is making so little money this mf actually still has a soul and isn't a power tripping asshole

  15. I dont think people really take him seriously without being indoctrd before. Hes known as the guy with a gay frog chemicle conspiracy

  16. pretty lame this is what he's most notorious for as it's probably one of the only things he ever was somewhat right about, at least about atrazine in the water altering the frogs, they weren't becoming "gay" but like something was actually happening there.

  17. holy fuck this is actually the worst thing ive read in like 5 years man. on easter too. i haven't practiced my religion in like 11 years and i still managed to feel absolutely disturbed to my core reading this wtf

  18. We don't tolerate faith girlcel disrespect in this household

  19. i just drank a shit ton of caffeine since its an appetite suppressant and then the hunger would be easier to manage and id just piss out all the caffeine i drank, would go to the bathroom like fucking 6 times at least every day but i was like 100-115 pounds 5'11 for years. pretty sure i also have really lucky metabolism as well though cause most other people i see drink 3 bottles of pepsi a day are not skinny meanwhile i could see my ribcage clearly through my shirt even while exhaling

  20. meme recently posted here about shrimp finding it harder to see colours combining like red + blue = purple

  21. Is it smt to do with having a wider range of primary colors than humans? Like, Mantis have whole 13 or 16

  22. i dont know i didnt read the meme as it had more than 1 line of text

  23. do people ever actually say "im gonna shoot you" in the context of shooting cum like i feel like this innuendo is such a stretch i try to make it a lot but it ususally falls flat am i just skill issue

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