1. strikers and pike. if you just wanna know what weapon you can never go wrong with it's them.

  2. Well a lot of stuff happened close to a year ago but not much has happened since, tell me which of these updates you recognize then I can tell you what you need to know

  3. Maybe it was just before that. None of that sounds familiar! I’m interested in gauntlet game mode though!

  4. i don't really have it in my bones to make a tl;dr, just skim the ones that seem interesting i guess. MrTrails also has great indepth videos on every single patch, so I'd suggest checking out his channel for videos on whatever you see here that looks interesting.

  5. i have been looking at ToS abiding titties on YouTube for at least 6 years now idk why its becoming a known thing only in recent times. I get that it's hilarious that the company so desperate to appease advertisers has lax policies on nudity that almost no other social media has but can you all stop making a scene out of this cause I don't want YouTube to see this and decide to nuke all the boobies off my feed that will ruin my life

  6. if you liked Chainblades for their ability to use an alternate dodge that allowed you to keep great damage uptime even when against very active Behemoths then you should play Sword, it's avenging overdrive is the closest thing to that.

  7. I will say though I don't think you should abandon Chainblades so hastily. They've grown on me a lot after the rework and I find them quite complex and satisfying to play now.

  8. they just comment this under every movie so that people will correct them if they're wrong, this is the most efficient way to find out which movie's have gay sex in them and are worth watching

  9. The man with a machete under his bed is a fool every night but that one

  10. The "Lets start with the positive ones. Since thats much shorter." gave me quite the laugh, I hope the quip doesn't deter the devs from reading the rest though there's a lot of very important feedback you have here

  11. Hammer is the best weapon in the game depending on the Behemoth. It has extremely high damage potential but for you to properly use it you have to be against a Behemoth that attacks slow enough that you can regularly land a combo inbetween attacks, or a Behemoth that is easy to lock down through Staggers, Part Breaks and Interrupts. It's damage is reliant on how long a Behemoth's body is

  12. got it, it pops up as islandboi in the friend requests btw. if you're adding someone in the future who has multiple friend requests let them know your other username or they might not be able to tell which is you

  13. goly fuck that was bold. reza definitely malding out of her mind after you got away with that

  14. Yes, if you want more defense choose an armor piece that can give you a defensive cell rather than worrying about elemental advantage. Tough or Parasitic are generally the best for this.

  15. Mf put R. Kelly in the Brawlhalla roster, how can you possibly take this serious

  16. Brawlhalla's gotten a lot of crazy crossover deals tbh, R. Kelly wouldn't be that out there

  17. Wrong! War thunder players rarely get bitches, factually confirmed by the fact that they play war thunder in the first place

  18. idk i feel like if you made it clear you have a high likelihood of knowing about secret US military information and aren't very good at keeping it to yourself there's a couple rival governments that would send some spy hoes your way to seduce and troll (murder) you no?

  19. Don't compare yourself to any Escalation clips, people love to show off gameplay highlights of them having unbelievably luck combined with a perfect amp combination for one shots. It's not something you can replicate consistently and frankly doesn't depend much on skill

  20. Normalize jerking off your male friends to calm YOURSELF down. Real homies will let you use them as a stress toy when you're feeling aggressive

  21. AKA the Quarterpounder (we don't like him so body shaming is ok)

  22. Thank you, will definitely use this. BTW instead of sharpened what would you recommend I use?

  23. Predator would be best, but it's another cell that pretty heavily depends on being maxed so I'd suggest using Berserker, Adrenaline or even Tenacious since you've got tough.

  24. i'm not sure i get what you mean. While you are in Hunting Grounds you can invite friends to your party and then restart the Island and it will put your new party members into the Island with you. It's still a delay but it's much faster than having to go back to Ramsgate

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