Patch Notes: Season 3 Live

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  1. ah man that's what i was afraid of. it would be cool to share saved file information from emulation to emulation of people's games or something.

  2. No calibration that I know of, chances are lower ranked players just stopped playing the mode. This causes a natural derank of everyone higher to fill in the missing percentages.

  3. that makes sense. here's the skill rating from my tracker. ive never declined like this before until literally this season, haha.

  4. You clearly haven't been lifting long enough. Get off your phone and do a couple more curls before Italians start mistaking you for spaghetti.

  5. anybody else here after Will's latest "Confessions of a Fake Natty" video? lmao.

  6. he literally made this reddit account for that video. go look on the page and see the cake day for it haha

  7. 🌈INGREDIENTS🌈 14g light butter 30g granulated sweetener (I use @lakanto monkfruit) 15g unsweetened applesauce 20g all-purpose flour 20g vanilla-based whey/casein protein (*see notes; I use @pescience snickerdoodle flavor) 1/8 tsp baking powder 40ml almond/cashew milk Sprinkles!!! (I used about 2g)

  8. I had that option on for a few days but figured out it was the high protein foods that were “giving” the most calories back. I would then eat more protein to be able to eat more food (I love food) when I need to make sure my carbs are fitting in to my calorie goals as I’m training for my first marathon. So I turned it off. But your goals may differ from mine, and you may not alway try to find a way to game a system to get to eat more 😂

  9. I get how TEF is in general with protein, but my question is how certain can we be it's accurate? 200~300kcal burned? could they be exaggerating at all?

  10. Could be but I used all guar gum and like 400 grams of ice and it was super fluffy

  11. guar gum definitely makes it way more creamy. it's been a total game-changer for me.

  12. I don’t how xanthan gum does it because I’ve used guar gum all my life lol. But yeah I had good experiences with guar gum.

  13. im the opposite lol. ive used xanthan gum all my life. so i see the difference, the true difference guar gum adds and makes!

  14. add skinny syrups+SF syrups+ extracts for the liquid base instead of almond milk.

  15. Safest way to do it: Search for 1 job on Monday, 1 on Wednesday and 1 on Friday.

  16. wait so you dont get a form to fill out through their website? they dont have like an electronic form you can fill out? I seem to be getting mixed up with documenting work search and submitting work searches

  17. I mean for cookies, you just have to add some fat no matter how you slice it, no?

  18. Total calories? I made my anabolic French toast for the first time and wow filling. I did two slices not 4 and 1 cup of almond milk...388 calories and stomach full!!!

  19. no protein powder? greek yogurt works. fuck I froze them before cutting lol! thanks though ill try

  20. think i could do all this in a food processor? feel like that amount of ice would make it explode lol

  21. what is the new MMR requirements for GC in standard and extra mode playlists?

  22. they require about 15 minimum in the oven, fyi. diced some apples and mixed the apples in with my hands to essentially create and anabolic fritter

  23. He just screamed because his parents were going to be turned into titans, I don't know why so many people thinks Falco turned them, the worm is the one controlling them, so it is the one who turned them, just like Zeke. Also if you look at the panels, Falco screams, and they don't turn right away, they even keep talking and stuff, so no, there is no correlation between Falco screaming and the titanization.

  24. I guess? it still happened fairly soon after he yelled. really look like the inside of his mouth was emphasized

  25. But what is the explanation? Falco doesn't have royal blood, and neither people consumed his spinal fluid. I mean, Pieck also screamed, maybe she turned them(?) Lol. It's a lot more simple, logical, and straightforward if you think the worm is the one turning them.

  26. the worm just feels weird and feels like its just there for plot convenience. but still, whether Falco has royal blood or not. theres liek that spark coming from his mouth when he's yelling. it's hinted at. how? i have no idea. need answers

  27. It’s not BAD, but it’s off. Could be psychological? The crunch is satisfying, but the cinnamon is just too much. I’d eat less than the serving of 1 cup. I got an upset stomach from all the cinnamon.

  28. there is no way in hell cinnamon was the causation of an upset stomach, I can assure you. try maybe all the added fibers and sugar alcohols instead.

  29. who was that on that 2nd to last panel being held in the hands of the titans?

  30. Krüger and gisha in their titan form. In the middle Xaver with armin in his hands.

  31. oh yeah, makes sense. armin's in the middle of transforming. ready to go boom boom

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