1. I've never read this and would be curious to read through your sources.

  2. Here are the two sources I have found on the factory. They did produce SKS's with the whole factory being funded and setup by the chinese so thats what got the idea in my head. I wont be supprised if my thought is wrong but im new to these rifles and wanted to see if anyone else had any ideas or info on this.

  3. I don't see any evidence of your rifle being any different than a typical Albanian imported SKS.

  4. it's kinda hard during covid. I just moved here too but very limited places that I can go due to covid.

  5. Yea that is very true. Just trying to see if there is anything I haven't heard of yet that might be moderately safe to go to.

  6. Do you need three Pi's? You can get HDMI splitters so one Pi could power two screens. That would also reduce the load on the host machine (because it's only having to handle streaming to one device, not two).

  7. I don't have the details of the area where he wants to set this up, but do they even make HDMI cables that are longer than 6 feet? Also on the matter of internet would it be a better idea to Ethernet them and instead of the host machine being a pi would it be better if it was a desktop?'

  8. I believe you can run HDMI for long distances but you need repeaters after a certain length (I don't know the specs off the top of my head).

  9. Thank you so much for your help, Ill research this more and ill work with my uncle to get something going.

  10. Thank you! Does the motherboard have on board wifi? My friend wont have access to ethernet


  12. Warhammer® 40,000: Dawn of War II: Retribution Thank you

  13. Depends on the security DVR. Most of them are pretty hard to mix with a non windows pc. Does the DVR have an option for NFS,FTP or SMB? If so, maybe you could enable NFS,FTP or SMB server on the pi, then

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