1. What’s the difference between Shane and Bert? They’re both fat drunk white dudes.

  2. You do realize that they are telling jokes, right? You think they’re actually racist? Wtf. Why are you even in this sub is you’re oblivious to how comedy works?

  3. Looking at your comments I can see that all you do is complain, whine, and cry about what people post. Why don’t you just delete Reddit and do everybody on here a favor.

  4. Clearly lol. You seems sad and lonely, you should just get off Reddit.

  5. But this is all that my momma gave me. I don’t know how to get more.

  6. I'm sorry I was saying we need to see more ass. And that sweet hoke. Not saying you need more ass. Cause that's a lovely dump truck!!

  7. Ohhhh 😅. There’s definitely a lot of it on my profile! And even more on my OF.

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