1. To be fair, space wizards are a LOT of people's favorite part of star wars

  2. The 12 Lobotomy Corp fans are gonna think this is hilarious

  3. Jokes aside, people really do love to attach themselves to the craziest, most psychotic characters

  4. In hindsight yes probably, but the idea of her yelling at her wings to flap her to safety is too funny to pass up

  5. Historians later called the sissy cat girl company the most feared and destructive soldiers of ww3

  6. Okay, but like Rhea is Sothis’s daughter and basically Sitri’s mother. Sothis is the great grandmother of Byleth by that logic, and Sothis is a part of Byleth. So Rhea is with her mother and grandchild who is also her spouse, and Byleth is with their grandmother, daughter and spouse. How messed up is this?

  7. Byleth and Rhea on their way to make the family tree end in a circle

  8. My theory is that they have had the idea of two nations fighting forever since however long ago, they just didn't have a chance to use it in anything until XC3 gave them the chance too

  9. Do we know who designed her yet; if it’s still Saito? I feel like she clashes a lot with the rest of the game’s cast. Not the end of the world if it’s just her given that she’s a robot and all, but I really hope it doesn’t mean we’re going back to the “everyone is designed by guest artists with zero consistency” stuff from 2 for the future DLC.

  10. It's a guest designer, the tweets released afterwards said so

  11. This right here is the foundation for the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Office building AU.

  12. In Officepen Chronicles 3 six office workers, three from sales and three from accounting are forced to form their own department. Can our heros find out who controls the company and started the feud between their two departments?

  13. Well that's a massive oversight. Can only imagine the conversation the dev team had when they realized what was up.

  14. They probably only recently noticed considering how long it took the community to find out

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