1. don’t let this person get pissed off, dye his hair pink and go to Italy

  2. Real shit.. How do you find this my brother in christ? Do you actively look for it or just stumble upon it? 🤔

  3. And he will be holding a 4.5 hour zoom meeting with those same friends 1 day later on the topic of Salt

  4. this feels like the holly incident

  5. I hope ur havin a blast looking over your 3,000 children and Adam

  6. Ngl, it's kinda funny how Six was a less absent father than Jude. Jude was literally blaming his toddler for crying, assuming really weird things like "if this is one of those imaginary friends again". Like come on man, it's your kid and a demon is doing better than you? Smh /lh

  7. “a demon is doing better than you” holy shit a+ comment 💀💀💀

  8. Cats have retractable claws y'all. Unless someone has a proper source showing this cat is declawed, just assume the owner actually knows how to train a cat to not shred human hands to bits.

  9. I hope so as I was worrying, typing this comment with an infected finger as my cat went blender mode after I tried to pick her up 💀💀💀

  10. After you called it off with him, did he get angry at all? If so police needs to be called because I get the feeling he knows where you live and may take aggression out (the rape way) on you for declining him

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