1. Crypto mining is nothing more than a waste of electricity

  2. Never ever ever ever sweat anybody. True story, in 2008 I was in New Orleans for the nba all star break. A buddy of mine who worked for Microsoft, got me tickets to a private party hosted by Shaquille and Reggie Bush to promote Xbox. I shot pool with Kim Kardashian and didn't even know who she was. Vivica Fox, Terry Holt, Rasheed Wallace, and countless other celebrities were there. The finale was a private concert, Baby, Little Wayne, Paul Wall, and some other dude I don't remember. Fucking Floyd Mayweather was one of only 2 or 3 people I really spoke to because this dude literally stared me down for 60 seconds til I gave him a head nod, guess he thought I wanted to box or something.

  3. That celebrity performer you can’t remember’s name? Albert Einstein

  4. My rent in Biddeford doubled and my landlord attempted to collect an additional deposit.

  5. Boutique bespoke polling: for all your data needs. Need data to back up your horrible draconian policies? Look no further than my Washington based think tank.

  6. Are you Naruto running into a concrete wall?

  7. I would never join a club that would have me as a member.

  8. 2h Melee weapon on top, then bow followed by 2 quivers

  9. You gotta focus on building your own power while the constant wars wear down other lords. Other lords losing castles or even towns is not really your problem at this stage. You should focus on building power while others flounder. Don’t be afraid to step off the front lines to do housekeeping/ manage your garrisons and parties

  10. What if they’re wearing knee high socks, and all you hit is sock?

  11. This is funny because it is the opposite of what my father taught me. Never go to a party hungry.

  12. Auto resolve and lose three top tier mounted man

  13. He’s funneling money into his non profit so he can use it to exert political power through donations and funding/ austerity for programs that are too radical and depend on his grandiose

  14. Will there still be Xbox when the game is fully released?

  15. He can right click save ur nft yes. But if i have a print of Van Goghs Starry Night does that make the real painting lose any value?

  16. Show me an NFT with the artistic and cultural merit of Starry Night.

  17. Hover your cursor over it, that should show

  18. I hope you have some high tier troops in your party to take on all those raiders

  19. Something from the underdark is influencing your kingdom. This is new content that hasn’t been announced yet. You must have gotten VIP access to the newest beta!

  20. You gotta throw the whole computer away. Start from scratch

  21. no don't be stupid, it's on the screen so the screen is the problem. i think it's too low resolution or something

  22. Good point, you can (usually) fix your monitor with a strong enough magnet. Just run it across the problem area of your screen.

  23. What would be funnier is if they didn’t have the sticker/ tag and were stunting on people with ALS by taking their space

  24. Season Two of Atlanta, final episode.

  25. Yup, keep blaming everything on the boomers. /s. Myself, and five other gun owners and 2A advocates i know,, all boomers,, are NOT members of the NRA because of their politics. Why not stick to the problem and not randomly spew hateful ageism?

  26. You are choosing to not understand the criticism and taking a reactionary position against it. You cannot absolve yourself of this thing (boomerism) without accepting it and cleansing yourself of it. In the same way I don’t have to say “not all men” and can now just say “I’m with you” when I hear someone talk about the patriarchy.

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