1. Hbomax atmos just doesn't work with certain devices. I think the fire stick might be one of those devices. I can't get atmos on hbomax using the Xbox (even when the video shows atmos in the description) but I can get it from the native TV app.

  2. I think it's just HBO max having issues wasn't showing Atmos when running my avr through the LG Oled HDMI it was before now it's not

  3. Having same issues with HBO max Atmos movies I set my 5.1.4 last night tried to demo some Atmos but on my avr just showed up as DD must be a HBO streaming issue

  4. That's a Mediabook but I agree, the Steelbook also looks fire

  5. No it's the same steelbook realeased by Lionsgate the best buy version just had a clear slip that added flair to the steelbook the front slip had art of him in a bombsuit with smoke and the back is partially clear so you can see the back of the steelbook google it unless yours is a media book and am miss understanding because that art looks the same as the steelbook

  6. I don't know what you mean, there is no Steelbook release in Germany, only this Mediabook

  7. Yea I thought yours was the steelbook now I see it's a media book that's what confused me sorry

  8. What did you expect from a sub that is probably like 90% white people? It's the classic "well if they're a good actor I condone whitewashing". But the same people would be pissed seeing a black mermaid.

  9. It's all about White & Black Asians always get the short end of the stick unless they (Media-Politicial) need us for their purposes it will never change.

  10. Awesome Maverick collector's set best 4k of the yr and if you have a Atmos setup it has a killer Atmos track.

  11. Pick up Top Gun. Maverick on 4k the best reference quality disc out there also if you have a Atmos setup you feel like your in the cockpit with Tom Cruise awesome 👍

  12. Awesome steelbook was going to pull the trigger on one but am not a fan of Harry Styles so I passed on it but nonetheless awesome addition to your collection

  13. 🤯 holy moly I know it's rare but these people are getting over anywho glad you found your Grail

  14. Your girlfriend has a pretty weird name.

  15. I picked up this gorgeous steel recently as well. One of my favorite steels and an even better movie. I watched the BR disc in my HT this weekend and, TBH, I am going to have a difficult time spending money on a 4K replacement disc given how glorious the pic was on my projector (4K). I am not sure my eyes could tell the difference if I had a shootout between the BR and the 4K! Stunning picture. Edit: Ah, who am I kidding. The second that 4K disc drops to $9.99, I’m buying it. 🙄 It’s a disease and I’ve accepted that.

  16. I saw that and didn’t jump on it. I thought it was going to stay down at the price, but NOPE. Missed opportunity.

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