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  1. I can see why they might be unhappy, but Hamilton being robbed got them the title. You can’t have it both ways.

  2. I agree with you, and as many people state in all these threads the last days: factual they are not necessarily lying or whatever.

  3. Yeah I’m ok with RB boycotting even if I think it’s a bit childish. It’s their call.

  4. No he literally said Max robbed him at Austin.

  5. my theory is that mercedes actually suck at strategy and are maybe the worst team behind haas on the entire grid on it. they’ve just always had such a fast car that it doesn’t really matter, meanwhile redbull pre 2021 had to fight for every podium and win to where they always know what strategy to pick and can decide in a matter of seconds

  6. Cannot believe you’ve even suggested merc are worse than Ferrari at strategy

  7. Bro, we should totally pit into softs with 10 laps left… 🤪

  8. What a weird take, Sky has been absolute shit tier this season unfortunately. No wonder RBR boycotts them.

  9. People say this and then can only mutter something about AT in the Dutch gp. Which probably yeah could have been handled better but wasn’t like a season of shit stuff or anything.

  10. And is this British Narrative in the room with us right now?

  11. Except he is, because whilst Max’s first championship was hard fought, his second wasn’t, so the idea of Max’s 2 having more value is silly. Also Lewis wasn’t fighting his team mate for the championship in 2008, 2017, 2018. Or in the years he came close: 2007, 2010, 2021.

  12. And also fighting your teammate does mean his car isn’t any better than yours. So loads of championships are won easier (like max this year)

  13. Worst part is that it helped RB tremendously, I hope Merc is happy with that.

  14. The trend for the season is to figure out how to blame each goal on Virg.

  15. Oh the situation around track limits was shit. But the ‘rules’ at the time were followed.

  16. Benjamin Foulois was the first person in the US military to scare a commanding officer with an aircraft, to the point that the commanding officer fell out of the latrine with his pants below his waists.

  17. It's arguably debatable. Lewis's most famous opponent is Nico, but has he forgotten vettel and massa completely?

  18. It’s not debatable at all imo. It’s complete bollocks by Alonso.

  19. What on earth is wrong with that statement? Gay fans also had to be respectful in Russia too. A place that was actually more dangerous than Qatar since gays are actually getting attacked there violently.

  20. Tbf the word respectful isn’t right. You shouldn’t respect it in the slightest. But there should be warnings that gay people should be very careful visiting these places.

  21. I don’t get that… had they known they would’ve just had people pay for their own lunches. How does that improve performance?

  22. Yeah, but it’s really hard to argue this had any impact on car performance. No engineer (who make much more dan 60/k I can tell you) works for rb because they get lunch money.

  23. You could make the same argument and subtract £1000 off everyone’s salary. But it’s clearly ridiculous. It’s a benefit in kind and is therefore counted.

  24. i feel that the monetary fine should have been bigger to disuade the other 2 big teams from doing it but like the reason red bull went over the cap wasnt actually their fault and had the tax stuff being applied then they only would have been over the cap by 500k and thats literally nothing.

  25. It is still over the cap though. Even if you knock it off - which you shouldn’t.

  26. With how sports journalism works, it's from a big source and is saying something concrete, it's probably true. It's not like the AMuS or Joe Saward approach (very generous to put those two in the same tier) where they literally say what they hear and some is true and some isn't

  27. Amazing critical of AMuS considering they’re pretty much one of the best.

  28. I think you don't understand the difference between steward and race director.

  29. I think the point is whatever Masi did in AD, the stewards sat down afterward and tried their very hardest to come up with a couple of out of context supporting statements to back him up. Was absolutely craven.

  30. The financial situation is a huge part of it. The biggest I’d say. And Ferrari consistently punch below their weight.

  31. You don’t win 13 times in a season without a supreme car. Doesn’t take away from max to acknowledge that.

  32. Hamilton drove well, but a 10? He made 2 mistakes, pretty big mistakes both costing 1 second, and that's why he didn't win in Texas.. Doesn't seem like a 10 would fit for that

  33. He didn’t win in Texas cos max had a faster car. Nothing he could have done different would have changed that.

  34. The old everyone does it argument. No. They. Don’t. This seems to be the MO of Mercedes drivers.

  35. Verstappen basically saying Hamilton gets what’s coming to him after wedging a tile over him.

  36. And this is why the witch hunt against Red Bull and Verstappen needs to STOP. People are on edge and are simply toxic. I have been watching since 1994 and I have never seen a period this toxic.

  37. FIA doing a disservice to F1 by including those marketing stunts in the budget cap

  38. You can’t leave loopholes like that open. Budget is budget.

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