1. Interesting, the stats I’ve found says there was 123 in 2019. And 82 in 2021. Can be found on the met police website. Hope this helps


  3. Anyone that quotes DailyMail to get likes on this sub is trash…come back with better sources or stop posting

  4. He's advocated for them and called for their release many times, and called out the three letter agencies for planning it.

  5. I think this may end up being an attempt by Trump to be able to smear Desantis like he has Pence as a Judas/traitor etc...but let's say Trump is arrested and charged. Democrats will turn out for Biden for it. They don't care how bad admin has been as long as he gets Trump or at least appears to. They could care less about justice or fairness it's all about getting Trump. Hopefully we don't end up seeing it our system is bad enough as is we don't need to go full Brazil.

  6. She made £50k a year? 😂 Press X to doubt.

  7. Current top models on OF bring home around $100K per month. On YT, the top 10 creators are slinging over $2M per month.

  8. But birds are already robotic. The Pigeon model was released en masse at the height of the industrial revolution and since then newer models have been constantly created and updated by the ARC.

  9. Philharmonics are the best bang for the buck, close to the cost of generic rounds but with the shine and trustability of a government mint.

  10. He said a lot more than just that mate. So far he has proven to be correct. Has this POS scam reached anywhere remotely close to where it needs to go? Hell no! It's can't even beat a passenger flight. Would any cargo survive the launch? Of course not. It would be smashed to oblivion before it's even released. Does it even fly in a straight line? Fk no, you can see it backflip all the way up in their "tests". It's literally impossible that this will ever work. It's a scam.

  11. trump will never be arrested neither will fauci or the bidens or even killary, & the if the banks even collapse only the common man will suffer

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