2. I was inspired by RTGame's DS2 playthrough to jump back into Drangleic. I thought I'd try some NPC quests this time around and saw from his streams that you need to keep her alive to progress it. Am I locked out now?

  3. Same rules as you have. It doesn't matter how many times she fails as long as she eventually succeeds.

  4. The Pursuer is a significant step up in difficulty for the area he's in. Mostly because he's blocking the alternate shortcut to the backdoor of the Lost Bastille and if he wasn't then that would be a major jump in difficulty.

  5. Fun is subjective. Without knowing what specifically wasn't fun about your previous build it's hard to know what to suggest. Just saying a Dex build isn't much help since that could be anything from Rapier R1 spam to a Murakumo or really anything in between.

  6. You also need to do Alonne for the last Smelter Wedge.

  7. They should be able to, but it's not a common drop.

  8. ah so if i just multiply 512 by 2 i get the actual damage number?

  9. Not exactly. Your left hand weapon gets a slight damage penalty even in power stance. But it'll at least get you in the right ballpark.

  10. You don't get rank 2 until you complete the third.

  11. Bastille Key. Depending on the version it's either hidden behind some barrels past the Ruin Sentinels or after the Gargoyles.


  13. Well damn. What’s it do for Majula?

  14. Well it'll unlock Maighlin's NG+ inventory and reset various loot.

  15. Something you could do is intentionally set your stats too low to use your weapons and rely on stat boosts from equipment and possibly consumables.

  16. Are you sure? My royal knights drop those gdamn halbreds all around the castle

  17. Pretty sure. It's 1 copy for each individual enemy so killing multiple can get you more.

  18. The only thing you absolutely need for a Mace is at least 6 Strength. Everything else depends on what you feel like you want.

  19. After you beat the Dragonrider they all wake up. And the ones on the way to the Dragonslayer wake up no matter what if you go that way. It's the game's way of none-so-subtly telling you to come back later.

  20. I take it you didn't play a lot of old school metroidvanias, huh?

  21. There aren't any infusions that improve Str or Dex scaling in DS2 and Raw is a downgrade with those stats so. None.

  22. IIRC if you lure one of the hippos all the way over there you can break that cart open and reveal that there isn't actually anything inside. The other carts elsewhere have some nasty surprises though.

  23. Good vs bosses. Personally I prefer the Bandit Axe but it's hard to argue with results.


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