1. I bought a full fox skeleton from a Chinese seller like this, it arrived super greasy and covered in nasty mould. And they didn’t even send the whole skeleton, some bones were missing.

  2. It looks amazing!!! How long did it take?

  3. Thank you. Around 2 weeks to print (Many failed attempts), 2 weeks to sand, 1 week to paint (Also a few failed attempts). These are rough estimates since I've printed and painted different parts of the body at the same time.

  4. Does it have the kids bodies in it yet

  5. was trying to find ur cosplays cuz i thought the lefty cosplay head look cool and found this instead, but what exactly is so bad about this? maybe you have a changed opinion five years later

  6. It has been mostly fixed since this picture, but these lines were shaky and uneven. The shading on the legs looks terrible, it’s very blotchy and inconsistent. The tattoo artist was also a real prick, he persuaded me to get it in the most painful spot but told me it wasn’t that bad, he only told me it was a painful spot after he started. He also pressed down really hard with the ink gun when I started to involuntarily shake, which obviously made the pain even worse.

  7. Navy_Workshop on Instagram does that style perfectly, and they aren’t super expensive.

  8. How did you achieve the eye glowing effect may I ask?

  9. I LOVE IT. Now, have someone videoing you slowly rising out of a large present box, play the music box theme, have some VHS style overlay, darken the edges of the video, cut to just your glowing eyes for a second as the music box suddenly stops and then cut to a shot of you jumping at the camera with the puppet jumpscare scream over it! You’d probably go viral lmao

  10. I’m planning to do something like that once I have the costume finished.

  11. Holy shit, that second one is very pretty and super detailed. Nice work!

  12. It should. The actual lefty has the puppet inside it and from certain angles you can see the puppet’s arm in the gaps of lefty’s shoulders

  13. Yes and no. Unfortunately the mask doesn't fit inside the Lefty head while being worn, and since it's 3D printed I can't make anymore room. But I plan on hanging the puppet mask on a belt or on the side of the head when I can't wear it. I don't mind if the mesh is slightly see through on the mask since I'll be wearing dark make up underneath anyway.

  14. As an alternative to dark makeup, you could also wear a black balaclava mask or something too if you want anyway

  15. The cosplay is pretty much going to be three layers. I’m planning to wear a puppet costume, then under the mask I’m going to have make up to look like the dead kid sprite. Then of course I’ll have the Lefty fullsuit over it all. That way if I’m at a con and get tired of wearing the suit I can take it off and still be the puppet, them if I get bothered by the mask’s vision I could take it off and still look like a dead kid.

  16. Very interesting, what's your favourite piece you have collected?

  17. I have a bone similar looking to the first one in this post but it is more smooth so it looks like a boomerang. If I find it I'll upload it in another post along with some other bigger bones I have.

  18. Now this is truly interesting where do you work to get these?

  19. I work at a game butchery, all the animals we do are from the wild. These bones are from Bennets Wallaby.

  20. Inserts “Let me in!” Meme here… For reasons…

  21. I'd say domestic dog, you can just see were the main of the skull would slope sharply to the snout. It's hard to tell for sure since the snout is completely gone but it looks like there's a decent curve at the brow.

  22. I was thinking of a death scene that your screen just goes red after hearing a warning beep and crush noises. Maybe we had that in the game, but was cut off? I dunno, Steelwool basically cut the game in half for us, maybe this was a thing

  23. Apparently they removed Vanny's knife from earlier trailers to keep the game PG, so if they were that sensitive they wouldn't allow something like this, even subtly like what you suggested.

  24. As long as they don't have meat they are fine, I'm pretty sure Bio security don't care about fat spots. Just make sure you don't have any bugs stuck in the brain cavity or nasal area.

  25. I moved out of home at 20, bought my own house and am currently living there.

  26. Thanks-What should I soak it in? And, how would I prevent the solution from affecting the antlers? Or should they be dunked too?

  27. Soak in water mixed with dishwashing detergent, I’m not American so I don’t know what brand to recommend for you. Leave it in there for a week then hose it off, soak again in water and some peroxide until it’s as white as you’d like. Keep the antlers above the water if you want them to stay their current colour or you can make them white too then recolour them with wood stain.

  28. I’d keep the skull cap and throw the rest out, if it’s broken like that it is probably already brittle and will fall apart when trying to clean. The skull cap should be strong enough to tolerate a good soak.

  29. I need to know wtf Monster X is doing there on the left? Just popping a squat?

  30. I would love to have a giraffe skull, but they are super expensive and questionably sourced.

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