1. I can mail you a book report on every movie I see if you want. I think finding them in Letterboxd would be the easiest, since most written reviews aren’t published unless it’s by established pros

  2. You're Crushing Destroyer?? I've been following you for a while, thanks so much for everything you upload!

  3. It’s me! Thanks for subscribing! I just upload stuff that people want to see and are hard to find, like Strumpet.

  4. What This is both paranoid and nihilistic, and how would ripping VHS tapes ruin the hobby? I’m currently ripping one for a friend, I’d love if they could do it themselves so I don’t have to lol. Most of this stuff is just degrading plastic garbage that’s hard to recycle, I think that’s a bigger issue for prospective collectors in the future, treating this like an investment.

  5. Do you need recommendations on a software to put your VHS tapes into a digital file? Apparently you can just download a program that performs alchemy so any Thomas the Tank Engine tapes you have can be viewable on your laptop. Maybe that will solve your 4K TV problem :).

  6. Kids and grandparents searching "full porn how to real sex explained big bobs" on youtube is what keeps these channels flooded with views

  7. I have a YouTube channel where I upload full movies that are long out of print and hard to find, there is a section in your analytics that lets you see what people searched to find your videos. This is literally what all of those searches sound like.

  8. Going to Seattle International Film Festival is a great way to lose all my money and watch 24 movies in a week and a half, ensuring I never want to watch another movie ever again afterwards.

  9. Yeah, but I legitimately do not remember anything in BoP that warrants a hard-r rating. Granted, I haven't seen or thought of the movie since I watched it like 2 years ago, but still...

  10. A child watches her parents get their faces flayed off, and then she gets hers cut off, but they don’t show that part. Gross!

  11. Am I the only person who will watch a movie for the first time when they are sick and then forever that movie will be tainted with memories of having the stomach flu or whatever illness. I saw kill bill when I had mono in HS, I fucking hated it. I don’t know if it was the movie or the fact I had mono that made me feel that way lol.

  12. The next generation won't watch a movie, they'll see the Dead Meat or CinemaSins video about it

  13. Next generation??? Baby straight out of the womb already subscribed to YouTube channels, technology is amazing!

  14. I saw (I’m assuming) that same truck when I was in bellevue a while ago! Or there are multiple versions of this sign. I figured it was probably one of those work in Vancouver and live in Portland-esque people because of the sign, so makes more sense to be by the border then when I saw them.

  15. Green Room Blue Velvet Red Eye Purple Noon Not White Chicks but I wanted to say it anyways.

  16. I like seeing movies in theaters because I like leaving my house for something other then going to work.

  17. A double whammy of checkov’s giant robot clown and prosthetic boob guns in FX2.

  18. I love that you can see a Safeway from the Bi-Mart parking lot

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