1. The Espinas line, the base fairs quite well against kush, but flaming absolutely decimates teo, and the rare species could probably give white fatalis a good punch up before being sent to the afterlife, but the zenith would wreck almost anything it’s put up against

  2. have the oranges in place of the greys and the greys in place of the oranges

  3. That’s some Aussie magpie level determination right there, he wants your head on a plate no matter what

  4. Naw they just have played all the games. You know ragegaming right?

  5. Yep, I know they usually just get it for themselves, but bannedlagi is also one of the few people who seems to have regular access to most of the art books, as well as lore that cannot be obtained in game

  6. I still miss Great Jaggi, but if we can't have him back because he's too basic, at least we got the next best thing: ol' Jungle Cowboy.

  7. If you're referring there to an invasive subspecies of Tetsucabra with the ability to apply Venom, I'm guessing you're from Qld? (NSW, myself)

  8. I just want Amatzu to return and show us the true terrifying power of mother nature. His mhgu fight was somewhat underwhelming for such an elder dragon if you ask me. I don't mind what power up or form or whatever is necessary, I just wanna be thrown off a mountain by the celestial god itself.

  9. Well this form can certainly throw you off a mountain, and into the afterlife while it’s at it

  10. It’s just so nice that chamo finally got variation, and such a fitting one at that

  11. Forget glavenus, where the hell is gammoth, poor thing isn’t even in fifth gen

  12. This is why tiny crown monsters have value

  13. Now I just want to see an espinas that small, especially if he dose the nuke

  14. Bud calm down, relax, I think you might be over thinking this a bit to much, palamutes probably may become permanent or at least become series regular’s, but wirebugs are probably a rise only mechanic, but who knows what gen six has in-store, whatever it is, we’re just along for the ride

  15. As a man who has far more snakes in his possession than he should, I can confirm that they do this when they are feeling playful/rowdy/affectionate , not that I’ve ever been on the receiving end of said affection, all I seem to get is a bite on the nose from the babies

  16. Geez teo has got it rough in this game, the once proud “emperor of flames” is now divorced and getting his ass incinerated by a sleepy flying wyvern, I kinda feel bad for the guy

  17. Great because I would spend my time trying and failing to replicate monster hunter stories by raising and training a Seregios, with probably near fatal results on my end

  18. Got scammed by Capcom because his fireball doesn't explode that big like the one that hit Teostra lol

  19. You actually want his nuke to be even stronger, your a proper hunter in my eyes lol

  20. Yeah, I'd rather they stay in Frontier than be brought to the main series and severely nerfed. Z Khezu without his heart attacks and instakill grabs just wouldn't be the same. There's something about always being one little mistake away from death that makes the fights so intense yet so much fun.

  21. Teo may be fire proof, but I think there’s only a handful monsters that could shrug that can take that attack and survive, and fortunately I don’t think he’s one of them

  22. I just remembered after seeing this post, makes me wonder what else my brain isn’t telling me about

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