1. Definitely not the most mechanical player in the world. As for NA, I’m not certain he’s more mechanical than ApparentlyJack even, not to mention crr, reysbull, yanxnz, beastmode, daniel, firstkiller, lostt, etc. If we’re going off raw mechanics, even players like Evoh, Aqua, Creamz, Cheese, 2Piece, etc. might be able to contend with Chronic

  2. Let's not be ridiculous lol Creamz and Cheese are not on Chronic's level mechanically. 2Piece as well, he came up known as "the <15y/o who doesn't play super mechanical". Everybody else listed has an argument but I wouldn't put Crr on that level either

  3. CRR is incredibly mechanically talented, he absolutely should be up there. I could strike off any of the players listed with evoh, but I do think that a lot more players are at or close to Chronic’s level than people think

  4. Yea, when I did the pros I said “Daniel actually plays pretty defensively, which could be good support for the Beastmode + Firstkiller duo. Firstkiller is one of the best at creating space, and beastmode one of the best at using it” and that the roles they’re best at don’t clash as much as might be expected from three star players.

  5. Like many are saying, unlike people throwing out random superteams for the sake of it, this one actually not only works on paper, but is kinda busted since Daniel plays more passive, Firstkiller loves to be on the ball as first man and Beastmode tends to float about as 2nd man. All do their "roles" to use that word loosely, quite well to best in the world potential.

  6. Exactly, it sounds like a team you would just throw out but actually the composition maybe wouldn’t be bad at all. They could play around each other quite well

  7. If you’re on PC, get bakkesmod and turn on rank anonymizer. Instantly enjoy the game more

  8. Steam hours barely count. The game oftentimes will keep running in the background after I’ve closed it, or at least keep counting hours, meaning I have 2.2k as well when I doubt I’ve played nearly that much. According to in-game stats I would have to have over 1000 hours in freeplay basically

  9. Portable....hmmm. tough. There is always {{Airship - Dev Aveza SSE}}, you steal it from the Thalmor.

  10. The Tale of Tsatampra Xiros looks really nice, but is it portable? Are you able to enter the home by reading a black book, for example?

  11. So, for the absolute basic immersive traveling home, the

  12. It will not be long until he finds some reason to file a formal complaint, so be prepared for that lol

  13. I was always a fan of Joyo in particular so I still support Moist. In general, I and many other fans of that team became a fan because of their fast, aggressive, mechanical style and gameplay. In many ways I’m actually more of a fan now, with juicy and Aztral on the roster

  14. Don’t worry about that, just do a diagonal flip and cancel it with S as soon as possible. Practice with the training pack.

  15. queso last season. nobody cared about them (no offence) until they started winning everything in winter

  16. I disagree that nobody cared about them. They had a lot of supporters going into the tournaments before they had any success. Joyo had a ton of fans from his time on Howard (myself included) and Rise was a familiar name to a lot of people with his own set of fans

  17. Anything less would be a downgrade in my opinion. The number of places to explore and miles of roads available are a big factor currently separating The Crew from Forza.

  18. I think even 1:1 would be a downgrade. Why have we gone from competing on our strengths to competing on Horizon’s strengths?

  19. Yea baby time to stop competing on the strengths of our game and start competing on the strengths of its competitors, I can only see this business decision going well

  20. Everyone is talking about boats and planes. I’m wondering what will be the fate of touring cars, alpha gp, rally cross, drift, drag, hovercraft, and all our other fun niche disciplines which could be hard to represent on such a small map

  21. If they’re going the forza route with the map and such they need to include some form of event lab. Imagine creating your own route including switching from planes, boats, and cars. Possibilities are endless and with help with game longevity.

  22. I definitely think they should have an event creator, but what makes an event creator shine is a large and diverse map to discover amazing roads and opportunities for great races. It would have so much less potential on Oahu than on the map we have currently.

  23. I see a lot of people who have very plainly been boosted to getting that GC tag, who plainly don’t even belong in champ. I wouldn’t be intimidated when you see a GC on the other team

  24. On kickoff, you can sit your car just behind the ball and maybe a bit to the side as it lands and it will roll backwards slightly into you. This gives you an almost perfect kickoff while also catching the opponent off guard (because you’re sitting still) and letting you get back easily afterwards

  25. I was champ 1 for years, not able to get into champ 2 or 3 pretty much at all. Then recently I graduated college and started looking for a job and have had a lot more time to play, and without even trying I’ve shot up to comfortably C3. Apparently hours is just the difference.

  26. I don’t blow through them but when it’s 2 hours after school gets out and there isn’t a kid or parent or anything in sight, 20 mph starts to feel awfully slow.

  27. School zones aren’t active 2 hours after schools out. 😂

  28. They shouldn’t be, that’s why it’s so annoying that some of the ones here are

  29. I mean Jack rated himself 17th so I don’t think you’re very accurate here

  30. That’s fair for the best players of 2022, but if we’re talking current best player in the world, in the context of others needing to close the gap, it would be a crazy list

  31. Why is it considered such a consensus that Vatira is #1 in the world? I would probably put ApparentlyJack at #1 rn if pressed

  32. Yea the diagonal ones side-to-side are definitely more consistent, and since you can still get some forwards velocity on each flip I imagine they're quite useful, especially considering that might be able to be chained much more

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