1. I think it's a rock, on top of another rock, on top of another rock. And then after that it's rocks all the way down.

  2. .... Ummm..... Can someone explain to me the logic in this design??

  3. I dont see either thing. You can see too much to think its a hill and nothing makes me see movement of any kind

  4. A tangent to this illusion that you may be interested in: Pilots are used to these kind of perspective illusions and sometimes they cause problems; a short wide runway on a normal approach can look similar to a long runway with a high approach angle, likewise slopes and light conditions can mess up a good approach and flare to touch down.

  5. Exactly, right? The singers used to be so much better.

  6. Question for Mods -or anybody who knows the answer: I've dropped the "e" from "Rushdie". Is there any way my title could be corrected?

  7. The only thing Saddam proved was that he was just a stupid thug. Oh, and he also proved that when a society is used to being ruled by stupid thugs, if you remove that stupid thug that society will be so sick that it won't be able to pull itself together and get used to freedom any time soon.

  8. Lol you guys think your like Einstein or somthing with your theories. Only thing your people and Einstein will ever have in commen is being jews

  9. What a stupid thing you said. I’m not Jewish, but if I were I would be proud of it

  10. Yes, people of America, keep pit bulls, they are normal dogs any not dangerous at all. Oh, also keep guns.

  11. The bat is rubber though, so not a very hard impact on his skull

  12. Nope aluminum, really good at bouncing stuff unless you are strong enough to break them (why they are banned in pro baseball because they hit much harder than wood). The technical term is coefficient of restitution.

  13. No, it's rubber. Look at it when it hits the ground, it very clearly bends.

  14. It's doctored I think. The two straight left arms have the same tattoo.

  15. This answer oscillates between being plainly wrong and being total nonsense. The chatbot uses structuring phrases and textual markers that make it formally look like a reasonable and informed short article/ encyclopedia entry though. So it produces numerically processed horseshit and endows it with the authority and insignia of a conventionally acceptable text structure. Can it get any worse?

  16. Also don't forget their "boiling frog" predicament: they place they are at today, the level of misery, poverty, psychological problems, trauma and social dysfunctionality, this has happened gradually over 44 years, rising and expanding a bit at a time, slowly and gradually, so they have grown used to it, and now, by the time they are realizing they need to hop out of this shit, they realize they just don't have what it takes to make the jump.

  17. People of Iran would rather die standing than live kneeling!

  18. So a question for you: Iranian opposition have been literally fighting with each other for over 40 years, and even in this amazing time of revolution where young people so genuinely went to the streets and gave their lives, the regime managed to start a fight between the "opposition" groups. What exactly makes you so certain that the followers of these same political factions are not going to pick up guns and kill each other once the Islamic Republic is gone and they start fighting for power?

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