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  1. Katya: I thought you should go to jail for wearing those go-go boots, but then I looked at the whole outfit…

  2. Behold you unrepentant blasphemers. This is absolute truth. THIS IS SLAVA-

  3. Ironically, my own faith at the time. I couldn't believe that God would intend the hypocrisy, the rejection of human rights, misogyny, shame, and hatred. The conflict of us being sacred creations of god didn't make sense with the sentiment that we were inherently evil and sinful, and that anything that brought us joy would lead us straight to hell.

  4. I think the Stormcloaks are horribly misguided to the point of idiocy, and are doomed regardless of whether or not they win the war. The Empire is dying, and is taking the few loyal provinces down with it. Once Cyrodiil finally loses it's grip, there's likely to be all out war across Tamriel, one the Thalmor are already preparing to win.

  5. Koco’s sabotage storyline is the new love triangle but more interesting

  6. Did anyone else SCREAM at Katya being a guest judge? Her fucking dragging Astrud's shoes was hilarious

  7. Hey friend… this is an ongoing aspect of American culture that I, a white American, am really not proud of. A lot of white Americans think it’s really hilarious to exaggerate and satirize Black culture (particularly a very stereotypical version of inner-city culture in the late 90s). The word often used is “ghetto” (as in “ghetto fabulous!”) which, given its roots, you’d think would wake some folks up to how offensive they’re being, but alas.

  8. There's a spirit with you, offering strength to endure your struggles and the challenge ahead.

  9. Me in a swimsuit. How did you get my vacation photos? I thought I burned them...

  10. I have been getting a bunch of lilo and stitch items in scrooge's store lately.....

  11. I personally would go get some if it's available to you. If a guide comes to you and tells you you need protection and the exact thing to use, I'd do it straight away.

  12. I love it when gatekeepers get told off by the creators of the thing they're gatekeeping. Metallica did this one VERY gracefully.

  13. I actually think it's the opposite lol! I think it was made with the current trend of the revival of y2k in mind. I grew up in the late 90s-early 2000s, so I kinda felt right at home with it.

  14. Ah well. I had the wedding style set to boho, so I'm just glad no one wore swimsuits or any broken cc

  15. I think that Rory has a hidden desire of being a fashion designer! :-)

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