1. As a now 30 year old who has been in the gym religiously since grade 9 I can see how the dynamic of today's society can be tough on young men's views of their own body. Even as a national bodybuilder, social media sometimes makes me feel inadequate. When I was growing up we had a few magazines and Zyzz on youtube. Now you have all kinds of teens taking PEDS (which I am not completely against, but too young and reckless use is obviously not good) all over social media with amazing physiques, and the survivorship bias of what you see on your feed is the best of the best. I reckon young men who have body dysmorphia have a well above average physique/build for their age and are just subject to comparing themselves to the top percentile.

  2. As someone of a similar age I only got into going to the gym when I was young because of being into sports in highschool, and coaches would try to work with you in the off season to do some light strength training. It was very much an anomaly to be using the school gym, and even among those who had paid (like $20) for a membership by and large didn't use it just like a real gym. I feel like our generation was fortunate to not be absolutely bombarded by images of ripped guys all the time, and all the supplement stuff... Like when I was young the only supplements being pushed were to make your dick bigger and everyone knew those were fake. Creatine was relatively new at the time and I did use it but that was about it. I remember going with a friend to the mall and him being sold on I think like a glutamine supplement and remember being like dude that stuff is all fake I try not to even go into those stores. Now there are all these ripped influencers pushing this or that supplement it's crazy, it would suck to be young right now.

  3. This photo is outdated, it should be an image of middle-aged white Quebecois and BIPOC women and one LGBT man.

  4. Not impossible: be from the NCR from a family of federal employees (knowing the inside lingo and having contacts will get you ahead), bilingual, undergrad and master's at OttawaU in public policy. Several casuals and student employment at graduation. (while takent from the west of Canada is disregarded)

  5. Exactly. Some people are bated and primed to become PS execs. It's not always fair to the average employee. Also, many of those come from a lineage of PS execs and their peers. Word of mouth can really improve your chances in the upper echelon.

  6. The federal Human Rights Act prevents customers from being denied service based on numerous discriminatory factors such as race, religion, sex, and age.

  7. That’s funny, I don’t feel like things are always going my way. I’ve also been told no plenty of times. Hell, my cousin was told “no” at McGill university in montreal. Best in her field of study (for anonymity I won’t mention), but the university wouldn’t give her the funding for her research for her doctorate. Why? Because she is white. Despite having better grades than the foreign students, they wanted someone of color to get the grant. Imagine that, your skin color being what determines you getting through school and not your academic achievements. Racist university.

  8. This is happening everywhere. I work in the Federal Public Service. This is common and also part of the Employment Equity Act.

  9. I definitely had this as a kid. Those damn Bowflex commercials in the 90s had me thinking I was inadequate. Even though I was a competitive swimmer with almost no fat on my body and muscles popping all over the place. I still thought I wasn't fit enough. I think most men still look at themselves in the mirror with disdain for our current bodies. We'll never be good enough.

  10. I was an avid gym goer up until the pandemic. I had definition, but not large muscle bulk. After putting on weight from not working out and a change from a healthier diet to more cookies and beer, my body definitely changed. The funny thing is, I feel like it improved. I gained an extra 15l-20bs, but it is dispersed. My pecs actually look larger now because of more body fat. Yes, I have a little paunch as well, but not love handles. I've gotten more positive attention on my physical appearance with the extra weight and I've also chosen to allow myself to enjoy living life; hence the cookies and beer. My mental health has fluctuated. I still play sports and will occasionally do a home yoga session, but haven't been lifting weights or keeping active on cardio. I do plan to eventually return to a regular gym workout, but my finances are tight with the increased cost of living.

  11. There were some comics where Batman was depicted as much more lean, morelike a Bruce Lee sort of strength and speed physique, and I think it makes more sense than having big muscles.

  12. Adam West who played the original Batman was not bulked full of muscle.

  13. I was thinking of adding Ottawa as well, but I figured that it may not work if I made that Gatineau thing at the end. But yes I am well aware of French in Ottawa, especially anything east of St.Laurent Boulevard.

  14. Ottawa is still predominantly English socially, but a lot of bilinguals for sure, especially professionally in terms of employment.

  15. Might be controversial but I was raised to 'focus on studies and career' i.e. no dating/marriage till career was established and the way my life has gone so far, I think it helped me a lot

  16. Raisins in scrambled eggs with cheese. Don't knock it until you try it. So good.

  17. I didn't know Kijiji replaced Craigslist personals.

  18. Kijiji is pretty quick to take down a lot of those kinds of ads. I posted an ad a week ago offering to provide a massage (at cost, I have a professional studio) and it was immediately removed. Nothing sexual or inappropriate in my post was implied at all.

  19. There was an old law that had the age of consent at 14. No parameters. Anybody could ef a 14 yo. It was changed to 16 with a 100 % vote pass.

  20. It's interesting the data around women/girls in their teenage years compared to the rest of the demographics.

  21. Sperm banks dont let short men donate (<5'7)Do they really think that woman would select gay donors for their children? With the risk of hiv killing baby mother and her partner. This change will just lead to unused donations sitting on the shelf.

  22. There are great daily HIV Preventative medication out there and is easy to get prescribed if you're high-risk. If your medical plan doesn't cover this 100%, I suggest connecting with

  23. Oh by the way you might want to reply to wenskalton with !solved so they get a point :). The bot looks for the exclamation point before solved specifically.

  24. The word that comes to mind is bikeshedding.

  25. Climbing trees. Do kids still do this?

  26. It's funny you say that because I totally let my kids climb the tree in our front yard when I'm out there doing something. My wife is not a fan of letting them climb the tree but realizes that you can't protect them from everything.

  27. Life lessons. If you're not exposed to the consequences, then you'll grow up thinking you're invincible. Then, when they're adults, they'll have to face the hard reality. It's better to teach your kids the fundamentals and let them learn through trial and error.

  28. Lo-Fang version of "You're The One That I Want" (original from the musical Grease).

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