1. Thanks. So there isn’t a way to build these things so that doesn’t happen?

  2. Getting rid of the tall trees or move the lines higher up would prevent this.

  3. I tried the Neo one a while back hoping all the replies would be ... But she actually responded with some form of *held up sign or * typed on scroll.

  4. By reverse, do you mean as a generator pulling power out of the wheel, or power into the wheel spinning it the other direction?

  5. I think vol 1 could have done with another 20 to 60 pages building up and rounding out the 86ers. The anime did provide a bit more with all of them. But I think the book would be better with some more focus on the ones the survived and the first one that died.

  6. The heat pump is an amazing invention. Even when the temperature is low it can draw heat out of the air, concentrate it and pump it into your house. Of course that means that that cool air gets even colder and thus can freeze over.

  7. It still surprises me that the same amount of power can move more heat in from the cold outside, then if that same amount of power was used to directly heat the inside by resistive heating.

  8. Yeah, we’re building a second small scale hydroelectric power plant for a remote site and will be running a 12kv transmission line from the power house back to our facility.

  9. Does the wire really need to be buried? Or was there other concerns that prevent the power lines from hanging from a pole.

  10. Rooster Teeth makes actual movies now?

  11. They used to, after covid there has been several things about how they treat their employees, and stuff kinda stop happening.

  12. The definition of whiskey is pretty well established, so you can just look at the alcohol percentage to see that Fireball isn’t whiskey…so whether or not it has actual whiskey in it seems overly critical. Test all the canned margaritas, I bet very few of them actually have agave based spirit in them. Grain or corn based ethanol is cheap and easy to acquire, for licensed companies, so it makes economic sense to use it for a beverage that is so ubiquitous.

  13. The margaritas at Movie theaters, water park, and small restaurants use OTS Orange wine as an ethanol base.

  14. And that barber can cut atoms with a razor? Damn hes good.

  15. Spreadsheet simulator disguised as a multiplayer space game.

  16. It is probably not the one your thinking about but, So I'm a spider, probably uses four of her legs as arms.


  18. Well there just simply is no way for it took be totally sheltered from said radiation. Any thing you would try to encapsulate said object would itself receive some radiation, heat up a tiny amount, and reradiate it inside the capsule.

  19. What about going into the void between galaxies and waiting (long time) until the expansion of space between the next closes object is greater than the speed of light. At that point any light (EMR) aimed in this direction would never reach it.

  20. Then the object placed there, that was above absolute zero, would heat that area up, and they would equalize.

  21. Would there be anything for it to heat up? Would it loose energy from black body radiation with the energy traveling away as light in infrared? Will objects give off BBR all the way to 0k?

  22. After some time it will be seen similar to spell check. Where it is assumed that everyone uses it, but if there is a mistake made buy the tool and not caught by the user, then it is on the user for not catching it.

  23. Four digit phone number? Even in the 00's there would still be a need for at least 7 digits if not 10. There are only 10k combinations with 4 digits.

  24. Deodorant, gasoline, shampoo, conditioner, energy drink, body wash, battery acid, palm oil, military ration, sunscreen, ice cream, shaving cream, water

  25. Come on, what's the holdup? Surely they don't need to do all these test runs. It's not like a rocket is going to suddenly fail to fuel up on the actual launchpad or anything.... >_>

  26. That's where most of the weight comes from. The load rests on 20 points 50 feet up in the air.

  27. The pallet lowers as things are stacked onto it or the pallet lifts up as things are taken off of it. It's to keep things at an ergonomic level

  28. Looked around for 13 in the count for a while before it hit me!

  29. Eyeballing, the sites look way out of rover range from each other. Apollo 12 did visit a lander site though.

  30. 600 feet‽ They almost landed on top of it. That's some good flying the plan.

  31. Probably takes more effort to be the top of a category on amazon than get a NYT best seller award tbh

  32. There are hundreds of categories on Amazon. The NYBS list the like the tope 20 for a month. I think Amazon only needs thirty minutes to get the top seller mark.

  33. Do we know there is an after life in rwby?

  34. The part with all the reference to star wars and star trek felt forced to me. They are like the top level of nerd culture. I think it would have been a bit better had all the reference been dialed back a bit, with some more variety thrown in.

  35. Just had to Google the time. I see three different clocks in public that all had different times, that were different than my phone.

  36. These are only guesses. I feel like we're missing some rules maybe?

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