1. comparing the current working conditions to slavery is really a huge disrespect to the everyone that lived through, and died to, actual slavery. with that being said, if slavery was "legal", 90% of the modern workforce would be actual slaves.

  2. this I respect and is such a healthy juxtaposition from the last video I saw from France where they broke the windows of a private shop an looted it. Keep your focus France, the world is behind you!!!

  3. This guy is so annoying. 5 seconds in and I was on the cops side.

  4. Having played her in KaZar/Blue Marvel and Bishop decks for some time, I feel like she's not really worth the - 1 space on the board in a game where you have only 12 spaces. Sure, sniping a Sunspot or activated Rocket can swing the location, but more often than not she just destroys an Iceman (+3 power for you, less than Antman/Sunspot/Roclet), Squirrel/Rock (not significant) or Nova (lol) and gives the enemy an extra slot for playing cards.

  5. I really only drop her either on T6, where the space is irrelevant, or to kill a sunspot, which makes her the second highest power 1-drop in the game. Wrote in a different comment - she probably just really fits the two decks I use her in really well - dracula dump and valkyrie

  6. playing her on T6 is usually a huge gamble, but I have won a couple matches with a Claw/Elektra drop.

  7. it is so cute you think it was an accident.

  8. get a riding mower and 'accidently' hit it once a week. serious/not serious. Comcast put some type of huge box about 6' high on the utility pole in front of my house. It's purpose is to inject power into their network when there is a power outage. When we lose power, the send a truck out and install a small generator in my yard at the base of the pole, and chain it to the pole. It is loud, especially at night. Not sure how it happens, but I think someone is going out to the generator and turning it off, even after they show back up to restart it.

  9. Nobody understands the US health care system including the people in the US.

  10. what is not to understand? You put in a claim, it gets denied, you get to pay a shit ton out of pocket. Really not that complicated.

  11. I have had it twice, first was mildish, second was super mild. Called my GI the first time and he said to stop taking my immuran. Then called my family doc and he prescribed paxlovid, although I think after 5 days that may not help you. Second time I just stopped my immuran.

  12. If you already have the new job locked in, just send an email tonight that you will not be fullfilling your last 2 weeks (or whatever is left). If you have any company equipment, tell them you will get it back to them. Block them on everything. You literally owe them NOTHING.

  13. hey, they got to pay for the lawsuits however they can.

  14. The funnier thing is how he posted this on the internet thinking someone was going to actually think he wasn't being an insufferable asshole.

  15. lol, watch some sovereign citizen videos.. there legions of people out there that watched this and were like, yeah bro, you go!!!!

  16. What makes a master grower vs a normal one? It makes it sound like you have a masters in cannabis growth :-)

  17. well that is one reason. the other is so that no one calls bullshit everything the salesman opens his mouth for

  18. I think you meant they're time... hey, if I'm wrong then I won't get the job.

  19. omg, the Howells seem insufferable. it also sounds like it will be just you and the two of them. can you imagine a husband and wife team giving you daily contradictory tasks.

  20. Reddit has so many issues with stability. In my minds eye, I just picture their 'server farm' as some dude running it off a Linux box in his basement. Still waiting for the guy to post a "sorry, I was in bathroom when it went down"

  21. the problem I have with WW is that you don't hut 100% input until late-mid game, so it is hard to rely on the needed water output.

  22. Just pump the water to the city into a ... filter? You know what i mean... and make it priority. Im also likely to have way more brine than i need so ill likely just make the use of it a priority output and just destroy the rest one way or another. But ill have to see on that when i finish all processes

  23. oh I def. do that, it is just that when calculating my water it is hard because the H2O from the WW plant is a variable.

  24. 100% they should talk about retirement age, starting off with mandatory retirement of lawmakers after 2 terms for any office, and no running for other offices.

  25. Sounds like accounting denied his expense report for the party.

  26. also couldn't help it this was what first came to mind lol

  27. lol, jokes on you. she meant noodles, not nudes.

  28. She meant 'node', she's an electrician.

  29. pretend you are driving towards a bridge, and as drive closer there are a bunch of people waving red warning flags saying the bridge is put. what do you do?

  30. the point you are trying to convey is very disingenuous. try inputting the actual cost of house A and maybe you would be taken more seriously.

  31. the irony is that OP was most likely going to be expected to pay for college. the same college that those little shits said once they get to , would having to do with him.

  32. Wow, does karma hit hard sometimes. Sounds like you and the other husband have something in common. you both married AH's.

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