1. I just don't get it. They haven't been good good in 10 years. They haven't been a favorite to make a final four in 15 years, just about the last time they made a Sweet Sixteen.

  2. It's still a prime college basketball job because of the legacy of JT. College basketball is better with a good Georgetown. I can see how it would be tantalizing to restore the program to something close to its glory days.

  3. I just don't see it as that huge a jump anymore. The big-time ass-kicking legacy of Georgetown was 1982-1985. Since that time, Providence and Georgetown have made the same number of Final Fours. Michigan made sense as a leap. This one's really confusing for me, unless Ed Cooley really, really was influenced by John Thompson.

  4. Shoutout to the Baylor fan who posted an egregiously dumb take, then doubled down on it and deleted their account after I pointed out how fucking stupid it was.

  5. Izzo just gets it done. This was a ramshackle team all year in the B1G, but they’re headed to the Sweet 16. He’s a tremendous coach who overachieves with his rosters.

  6. Bobby Hurley out here buying dress shirts in the Big & Tall section for the discount

  7. Penny has a .685 record. Ewing has a .408. Totally the same

  8. Worst fan base to lose to. This looks like a crowd of shady financial advisors.

  9. West Virginia’s male cheerleaders are exactly as I expected. Glorious lettuce.

  10. Steve Alford getting boat-raced on national TV: couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.

  11. Genuine question what do people have agaisnt him other than him Being a choke artist? I’ve seen him get death threats

  12. Probably because he—along with a Fellowship of Christian Athletes rep—tried to intimidate a rape survivor to not press charges against a player.


  14. Mississippi State’s head coach, Chris Jans, already won a national title at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in 1998. He hails from Fairbank, Iowa.

  15. Travis Kelce was naturally funnier. You can definitely tell the difference when the hosts have a knack for comedic timing.

  16. surprised they’re not doing about you but always happy to hear oh Caroline

  17. The Bennetts are on the opposite end of the basketball spectrum from Naismith. This is SICKO MODE.

  18. So, anyone care to break down why it’s seemingly so hopeless at Cal? Just no investment in the program?

  19. Bill knows both USC and UCLA are headed to a “truck-stop conference,” right?

  20. What beat/song were they playing on either side of the TNT halftime show?

  21. Are those Gasol jerseys embroidered??? If so, that was a significant budget line item.

  22. Fran has to be the worst defensive coach in history

  23. Maybe, but I’d rather watch this than Wisconsin, Rutgers, or Virginia.

  24. Even if they do get that invite, his record would need a huge asterisk by it. Playing in a bullshit tournament as an under-.500 team to break a record of a player who didn’t have the 3-point line is really backing into a record.

  25. Won’t matter it will still be a record that got broken 🤷🏻‍♂️

  26. A quick cross-comparison will show Pete Maravich as the rightful holder of that record.

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