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  1. Abbott is a fucking child playing politics. We need someone that works for Texans, not a corporate shill.

  2. Video indicates Cecil has been doing concessions for Astros game since the days of when they still played in the Astrodome

  3. Our state is now a prostitute for the rich, and Republicans are the pimp.

  4. They turned a reasonably fun game into diablo 3 goblin hunting while keeping mechanics in the game that most people hate.

  5. Idk why this is so controversial, there’s no evidence to prove that you can’t use modern dish soap. Wash it how you want, but people that are saying not to use soap have been told that their entire lives, but they never bothered to ask “why.” They just keep believing it because their grandma told them that or they read it on the internet or something. It hasn’t been relevant for decades, and it’s controversial because false info keeps getting spread around the internet

  6. It's because lye soap was common back in the day. So, unless you are doing a civil war reenactment with lye soap, wash your pans people.

  7. How did this chode of a man spend $12 million on 50 plane tickets?

  8. This doesn’t seem like his first time. Very malicious-looking. Video ends too soon. Like did he go take their wallet? WTF

  9. One could say he sucks poop dicks. Greg Abbot is a little piss baby.

  10. Spacex has been launching several starlink satellites recently. Most likely that. This and other "UFO" subs have been filled with posts about it over the last week.

  11. Yup, and the majority of them are battle hardened fighters who have been in it since the beginning because they had no choice. They have seen a lot shit over the last seven months.

  12. Not to mention the 8 years of experience their overall force has since Crimea got took.

  13. I still can't get over how many bots I don't see, now that Greg Abbott is a little piss baby.

  14. Did you have a Gameboy? Cause that was pretty much the equivalent.

  15. Playing by the window until dark, or using the passing street lights in the backseat. Because the light, as my parents made it seem, cost 500$.

  16. These kiddy fishing rods are more durable than any others. My little brother has a scooby doo fishing rod and would always catch the most and biggest fish with it

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