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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. Well if your picks were worth a s*** I could actually tell quality next next time try to take some pictures pictures that someone can actually make out what the f*** it looks like

  2. What's your point either spend a few extra bucks or don't go there why are you posting on reddit like most the people in the program know this s*** already

  3. Yeah which is a joke they should have already been brought back a long time ago it's easy Enough to clean the touch points if everyone's really gonna get their panties that much in the wad or just don't go to the dispensary or outside of your house if you're that paranoid...

  4. This should be everywhere and the clown show needs to f****** stop you're that worried about germs don't go to the dispensary in general Stop worrying about something that f****** is mild for 99% of people

  5. The jealousy on the st from Cali is better but not everyone has that 🔌🤷‍♂️

  6. Yup because some terpenes and cannabinoids have anti viral properties toke up..

  7. Bought 4 2.8g packs of Woodward a few weeks ago and I swear it was more stem and seed than flower. I dunno if I’ll give them a 2nd try.

  8. Just wondering what gives you PGR vibes with Klutch? Also, where’s lighthouse with the dabs?

  9. This person doesn't know what the h*** they're talking about don't listen to people unless they actually know the science behind it science behind it and like I've actually went to school for it and are like master growers or botanist The only other way you could know about it at all without going to school is having decades of experience growing which I'm sure this person doesn't have either

  10. There last batches looked like shit. And everyone knows og isnt a pretty weed. Thats what i meant.

  11. I mean actually it can be so that's kind of a blanket statement

  12. You guys are stereotypical stoners lmao. The designer weed that looks alien af and thrown through a christmas tree trimmer before being packaged up just doesnt compare to the naturally grown and hand trimmed Galenas. It is a completely different weed experience than what every other company on the market is offering.

  13. I've had plenty of it and the electric peanut butter cookies is OK it used to be better and the gorilla nut used to be superfire And even that went down in quality which is the best bag appeal strain they have so it has nothing to do with that you can still grow beautiful organic cannabis this just looks like s***.

  14. Uh they are not hype pods and regular carts are night and day...carts don't have strain specific terps luster pods at least many of them actually taste like the strain for example you can taste the lemon G in the Lemon slushee pod and you can taste the Garlic gmo taste in Grow Ohios Layer cake etc the pods are way better obviously you haven't had enough pods to know better or you can't taste

  15. Not as good as the certified cake normally over 3% this batch 3.3% this is 2.68 which is good but not great

  16. If it's done right never had POW but Animal Mints Hands down if it's grown and cured properly no comparison

  17. If you like this, Verano is dropping Wedding 👰 Cake 🎂 sometime in the next couple weeks, you should give that one a shot, I’m hearing it’s fire 🔥, at least all wedding cake just really works for me, never been disappointed… even with woodward wedding cake…

  18. This is ice cream cake not wedding cake yes it has wedding cake in it but they are not the same terp profile wise etc

  19. Wedding 👰 cake 🎂 and that Larry Bird 🐦 aka gelato 33

  20. Thanks. Already have both Animal Mints and Animal Face. I REALLY like the AF.

  21. Nice! I grabbed mine here w/ stacked discounts too. Stocked up on more Animal Face, BB Cheesecake and Grapehead too.

  22. What’s the difference between Cresco and anybody else really I’ve hit every thing at the dispensary it’s all mid-level ohio.

  23. I got some cresco gmo’z its some gas 27% and tastes good af

  24. Doubt it their flower general consensus in the community is sh** your standards must be low

  25. That's 8 and a 1/2 months potency starts to decrease after about 4 months tops So this is not anywhere close to as good as it would have been 6 months ago

  26. Who gives a shit if someone chooses not to get vaxxed grow tf up

  27. I’ve never had a bad batch of Rainbow Chip

  28. Those terps aren't low they are percentages...looks pretty good actually and those aren't all the terps just the primary

  29. Lol try an American flag you people are goofy would you support a pride flag for heterosexuals?

  30. If you can trust a Republican politician's statements about the interpretation of the Ohio law after multiple Supreme Court candidates blatantly lied about their opinions of Roe v Wade, and multiple federal Senators abetted it...

  31. Another smart person w a mask on there character lmfao you people need your heads checked 🤦‍♂️

  32. Everything in Ohio is stupidly more expensive then all surrounding states. Hard to live semi comfy in this hell hole. 😣

  33. Leave if you don't like it I can't stand when people talk shit about where they live you don't like it peace out

  34. No actually it's not unless you live in a big city in that case it's your location not Ohio as a whole

  35. People don't understand men and women are made different in every way and it's like that for a reason men are meant to be able to do things women can't do and women are meant to be able to do things men can't do i.e. have children , nurse them, etc we are who we are for a reason women have breasts and vaginas and ovaries and a uterus..Men have testicles and penises and are naturally lower body fat and more muscle they're reasons for these things...

  36. Exactly your sex is something you cannot change its basic Biology you're either a woman a man or a hermaphrodite there is nothing else that exists but given hermaphrodite is extremely rare there are Men and women and you cutting your dick off or taking hormones doesn't change that you're a man or woman...period...

  37. I’d drink six before I’d feel anything because the only edibles potent enough for me are rso. Now the rso I only need 2-3 drops of but gummies and other shot are useless

  38. Maybe from this program but making them yourself and controlling the dose they wouldn't be useless this is about making money obviously or they'd be stronger

  39. Difference is all four signs should be hanging at the bottom definitely agree tho the left definitely can't Govern and they hate life and this country

  40. You really don’t think in capitalist America that a publicly traded entity is going to be 100% legitimate when they have a monopoly on an industry?

  41. The free (capitalist) market is what allows you to start your own business and set your owns prices becareful what you say sound like a socialists/communist.

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