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  1. Idk what I expected rehearsal rooms to be like but spending any length of time in that room would drive me insane I think. Looks so dull and dingy. Glad they seem to be having fun though!

  2. Haha as someone who spent their years in a teenage punk band-you should see what some of our rehearsal spaces looked like!

  3. as another multi species owner (dogs, hamsters and guinea pigs) i would literally never let them interact. what you’re doing is only to your own benefit and you’re making up reasons to continue the risky behavior that you think is cute n sweet. this does not benefit the small prey animals when they’re not allowed to even consent to being in arms reach of giant natural predators, they just have to trust that you will keep them safe. i would never consent to being in the same room as a bear that could potentially hurt me under any circumstances, even if the chance is “low”. it’s your job to act in your animals’ best interests, and you’re not doing your job

  4. 100%. OP is just making up reasons to do this for their own benefit. This is so dangerous

  5. I love Wishing Well. I think that and Even if She Falls are the two best songs on that album

  6. Is there any reason you keep using his name or is it only because you feel like being a condescending twat?

  7. I haven’t quite decided yet thecheesewheelbandit I’ll let you know.

  8. You can use the word trauma if you suffered a trauma from certain things. Being lied to about dozen things can lead to being traumatized and trust issues. You don’t have to have physical interaction to receive a trauma.

  9. Please tell me you’re not trying to say your parents lying to you about Santa and the tooth fairy was traumatising

  10. You actually get taught this in sales and customer facing roles. Using names more supposedly builds rapport. I just find it cringe and overfamiliar, a bit like when the checkout staff at Co-op ask me how my day is going. None of your business, Sharon.

  11. Fuck the Co-op checkout for taking a personal interest in your life. I can’t believe they would do that! /s

  12. A lot of people of a certain age in the States had to read “How To Win Friends and Influence People” in high school, and saying the person’s name while interacting is part of it- Manipulation 101. My bullshit detector goes off when someone does this to me.

  13. Well if you do travel, don’t go to the one at Crabtree. It’s basically a closet. We stopped by the Lego store at Disney World and that was amazing.

  14. I do wonder though if that will make OP’s life better or worse. What if she actually really enjoys her life as it is? What if OP hates talking to other people or making friends or finding a hobby? Husband is looking at OP’s lifestyle and putting himself in her place, with his own personality and preferences. Maybe he would find it unfulfilling and thus the pressure to make OP happy is actually coming from him. Maybe OP wouldn’t mind if he doesn’t text her back because he’s busy but he minds because if the situation is reversed he would want social contact. Everyone on here is saying that husband feels suffocated but he’s only suffocated by his own expectations not OP’s.

  15. Don't use low level e-collar stimulation, honestly if you use the e-collar more than 20 times in a pet dogs life, it's a dead giveaway you're doing something wrong...

  16. A dog’s love isn’t usually enough to stop them chasing a squirrel across a road

  17. It's certainly not as bad as fgm but you have to try to think of it from the perspective of someone who comes from a country where circumcisions are rare and basically only for medical purposes or in some specific religious groups (like the UK where I'm from).

  18. Everyone here is suggesting outdoor/leash work and there’s a lot of good stuff but what kind of training are you doing in your own home? What games do you play with your dog?

  19. we play a lot of tug and use the flirt pole frequently. if the ball isn’t lost in the garden me, him and my other dog will play fetch but that’s about it.

  20. So it sounds like you’re doing a lot of high-energy activities with him, and if you believe that play is essentially practise for the real world, the play that you’re doing with him might be giving him really frequent opportunities to practise going into that high arousal state (the same state you might see him on his walks when there’s a dog around).

  21. I spent too long trying to swipe to the next photo cos the dot on the bottom of his shoe made me think it was Reddit telling me there was more than one photo

  22. With referees constantly dragging them forward, it'd be weird if they didn't win.

  23. This is before the show that’s on YouTube in Wembley. You can tell by the shirts mark and tom are wearing.

  24. That would make sense because this was (I think) the start of their last European tour-according to the interview with Mark that was posted earlier this is when Tom cancelled the North American tour they planned

  25. Tyler Muto has a concept he calls the the “Walk Behind Method”. I’ve used it a few times, and I’m currently using it with a high drive Spaniel and it’s great.

  26. My take is that it comes less from America being ultra-nationalist and more from European countries losing their nationalist patriotism. As the EU has become more and more influential in Europe the less people have been interested in national loyalty. The USA went through a similar process after the US Civil War where loyalty to the individual state was subsumed to loyalty to nation. But the nationalism of the USA has not increased in the last century (if anything decreased) but has decreased a great deal in Europe.

  27. We’re tried that but unfortunately it doesn’t work in these situations. She gets extremely excited over food, but also she can be calm on the couch/ground and then as soon as people are having fun without her she comes over and starts having a tantrum. We never engage with her when she’s having a tantrum either, I wish it was as simple as her realizing that calm = pets lol

  28. Have you tried perfecting mat/place work when nothing is going on? The reason for it not working in the high-stress situations could be because she doesn’t have a solid foundation of the basics (which are harder than most people assume)

  29. What’s the origin of the Rodney meme? I see it in all of their videos but I must have missed the first time it was used

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