1. Twitter under Elon is all about monetizing disinformation and promoting conspiracies, this really isnt surprising

  2. Save the sides. Just double up the steaks next time 😉

  3. Don’t think my wallet will agree with me on that one 🤣🤣

  4. Lol I feel u. Get on those twice baked potatoes! Cheap and delicious, just a pain in the butt to make.

  5. Once you’ve seen a cartel feed a live man his own finger while dripping molten wax all over him, watching someone fuck a dog is pretty meh 🤷‍♂️

  6. Eggs toast bacon sausage. I probably would do that every day if I woke up earlier lol

  7. SPY is one of a few tickers that has options that expire every day of the week. Many have claimed this being the reason for pumps as wells as dumps, but mostly the pumps the last few months. There is no reasonable reason spy is this high in a high rate/high inflation/treasury yields inverted environment, literally a few weeks before a potential US default. He is asserting that large players are colluding to buy calls at the same time, with no news that should move markets, which forces market makers into buying spy shares to hedge the calls they sold. That should not be 50% of the volume

  8. Wait… 50% of the trade volume today was market makers issueing buy orders to hedge against these calls?

  9. This tweet was around noon. Idk about the rest of the afternoon

  10. Ah yes…my time to shine. The ole family receipe for “stuff.” Ill never forget the time my mom was out of town and my dad decided to make it (bc mom wont eat it) and forced it upon my now wife when we were over. “Stuff” consists of basically an entire brick of velveeta cheese, onion, milk, and kidney beans poured over crushed up salteen crackers.

  11. Good. Imagine talking this much shit about a dog, a social and loving creature that is the result of thousands of generations of human companionship.

  12. Its a dog…that looks like frank when he wears a wig to the art gallery in always sunny

  13. Admittedly, this post is way over my head, but super interesting.

  14. That’s exactly what he’s asserting. And hes not wrong.

  15. Insider ownership is more like 48.7 mill according to fintel. Almost 16%

  16. Not real sure what to think of this, maybe its just a coincidence. I have been looking for a new sales rep for a few months now, so constantly searching indeed. The last few weeks basically every business development resume I see is currently in banking/investments, car sales, or transportation....somethings brewin

  17. This sounds like “privatize gains, socialize losses”. Am I missing something?

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