1. It’s fine. I mean as long as you’re not spraying a hose directly into the intake it won’t hurt anything. Usually they come oiled but you can also look at getting rain socks if you’re concerned.

  2. Yeah, if you’re really concerned about soaking your filters (like you ride in gale-force winds and torrential rain every other day) just make some kind of sheet metal cover for them to prevent splashes from the road and rain from above. Don’t restrict airflow, just block the most prevalent entry angles.

  3. I’ve been saying, at this point with all the fans shitting on the show ending (which I’m sure had some elements of his in it) as well as shutting on the long wait, if/when he does finish the books he’s not going to release them until he’s dead so he doesn’t have to face criticism (if he releases them at all)

  4. I wonder if he’s got TWOW and ADOS done but has some clause in his will where they’ll only be released after he dies so he never has to face criticism for them

  5. _Foy says:

    As far as I can tell, Communists and Anarchists ultimately want the same thing, we just disagree on how to achieve it.

  6. Anarchists propose the liberation of society by the liberation of its individuals, communists propose the liberation of the individual by the liberation of their society.

  7. LaTeX is inferior in its image manipulation capabilities. Moving and resizing images around in Word is so easy. In LaTeX if I want to put images side by side I end up putting them into photoshop, then exporting a new image with the two images on them.

  8. It's an awful idea, if you set up a no fly zone then you have to enforce it, meaning that NATO jets would have to be flying and potentially engaging with Russian aircraft, which obviously escalates the war to a massive level.

  9. Yeah, the Libyan no-fly-zone enforced my NATO in 2011 was essentially an all-out air war against a government in the middle of a civil war.

  10. between the COVID post the other day and yesterday's Ukraine post, we're getting a lot of dumb, angry newcomers who don't seem to be interested in anything about this subreddit other than there's a post they don't like

  11. Just find people in a bar or at a gym or sports meetup or literally anywhere that people aren’t weirded out by starting conversations with strangers. Find the ones you think are genuinely kindhearted and work on 👁️ing them over the course of the next year or two.

  12. Getting into the top 95 percent is incredibly easy.

  13. Dude don’t fucking engage, spend your time and energy building solidarity locally, you just fell for the damn psyop so hard

  14. West Germany was lucky that there was a Cold War on and the USA had to tolerate them.

  15. What? The US didn’t HAVE to support the Nazis. Its elites chose to do so through extensive intelligence operations such as

  16. The whole sphere of Christian fundamentalist stuff really. Young Earth Creationism and other Christian biblical literalism are certainly at the top but it's a big space. It necessarily encompasses multiple conspiracy theories. Everything from the devil planted dinosaur bones to trick us to that actually because of biblical literalism the earth is flat as the bible states and therefore NASA are satanists lying to us about the earth shape, space, the moon landing, etc.

  17. rojm says:

    That the US is a democracy or that democracy is an unbelievably good system.

  18. God I fucking hate when people repeat that dumb fucking Churchill quite that goes something like “Democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others” in response to me saying I think the Soviet Union or Cuba are good or something

  19. Jesus fucking Christ those comments are 80% “hahaha Winnie the Pooh, Hu’s on first, he’s gonna be executed/disappeared”, then like 19% “I understand nothing about Chinese politics and will freely admit so but I’ll try to do a serious analysis that reads like a house of cards fanfic” and then 1% “damn he looks pretty old and confused, the guy next to him seems genuinely concerned, china doesn’t usually do theatrical shit like this, they let the media in after the vote, maybe there’s more going on here than some cartoonishly evil power move bullshit”

  20. There was a study awhile ago about ME/CFS prevalence rates worldwide. It was thought that this was a yuppie women disease and they're all hysterical and that this doesn't happen in third world countries where people have to work to eat or whatever. Turns out prevelance was higher in Nigeria (per capita) than America.

  21. I really like the analogy of medicine as a craft rather than a science. Biology is a science, scientists study to create the basis of knowledge which doctors use to treat, but given the material conditions of medicine in the US (and much of the developed world) ie high volume of patients, weird pay structures, and just general alienation, they rely more on “gut feelings” for diagnosis, and patients don’t stand up for themselves because, well, the highly educated and well-paid doctor is telling them it’s thing A, and who are they to argue?

  22. Could be robotic camera or from inside another vessel.

  23. Proximity ops by the ISS are a tough sell… is the camera going to be 10km away? (Not saying it’s impossible, just that if you’re already having a private citizen spacewalk from the ISS, using Canadarm to film it isn’t out of the realm of possibilities)

  24. If you'd like to understand I really recommend PBS' YouTube show called

  25. Highly recommend “the god particle” by Leon Lederman as well, very easy read that introduces you to a lot of the concepts very quickly

  26. Don’t we have one that’s basically in the sun right now

  27. The Parker solar probe is near the sun, yes, but not in it. It’s still in space. Probes on Venus will be inside the atmosphere. It’s the difference between standing next to a really hot fire but behind a sheet of cardboard (lots of radiated heat, but most of it blocked/reflected by the shield) and being dunked into a pot of boiling water (lots of hot fluid all around you, nowhere to hide)

  28. I wonder why they are doing so many spin prime tests. I understand that the first 33 engine spin prime didn't go well. But at this point there must be something they're specifically for, right?

  29. I figured after the explosive mishap during that first spin start they decided to batch the engines and conducted tests on 1/4 or 1/3 of the engines at a time

  30. I think the secret is that they don't actually have sex and just want attention lol

  31. 35, alone, jacking off: “uuunnnh yeah I’m so poly”

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