Citadel, Goldman Sachs and Co attack Europes Settlement Discipline Rule. EU Commission and EU Committee ECON want to erase mandatory buy-ins. Only one step ahead and CSDR 909/2014 will become a toothless tiger. Please spread the word about petition 0775/2022!

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  1. I noticed something interesting on spy Thursday and Friday as well, that I have seen before, but not two days in a row. There was a 52m volume candle (on yahoo) at 3:25 on Thursday, and then a 43m volume candle at 2:45 on Friday. If you look today, these candles have disappeared. I’ve seen this several times over the last six months, and they are always right when I expect the market to take a dump. This happens to tlt occasionally as well.

  2. Seems like a generous boss to pay for your child’s day care when your child is sent home sick from school and to provide another personal assistant when they are not. Additionally, the role pays well and would be a good entry level opportunity in a law office with potential for future growth. Many people would love that job.

  3. I agree with this. As a mom, I would really appreciate if my boss acknowledged this problem that I also have, and tried to help find a solution. And early in my career, I would have happily accepted an internship like this. This is a real problem for working moms. Most employers think it is not their problem, so it is nice to see someone looking for a solution.

  4. Yes! This is the notification I remember seeing when I logged in that day. Looks like someone got the screenshot I wished I had taken.

  5. Thank you, BigFart, for validating your comment. Glad the screenshots were still searchable, to a degree, so that presenting them here and archiving them for posterity was possible.

  6. Of course! I’d testify under penalty of perjury that I saw that notification. I hope elegant remote has that screenshot? I don’t know if I’m allowed to tag people around here anymore.

  7. “Scare them to make them work harder and keep them from getting rich off stock. Make them commute to work to stimulate the economy, to maintain their blindness, and to prevent commercial real estate from imploding.”

  8. He will make that 65 Billion unpurchased shares disappear next reporting period.

  9. Why not just transfer it to another legal entity that doesn’t require any reporting? Enron style?

  10. I agree. Schwab is already saying that this should serve as a lesson to SEC to just push retail orders from ATS to lit exchanges.

  11. Schwab argues that routing more retail orders to auctions will “dramatically reduce the quality of the investing experience”.

  12. Yes, I believe so. The fraud gives you a better investor experience /s

  13. I have my IRA shares DRSed. I suppose at least they are asking.

  14. If this person would like to learn, I used I don’t give investment advice. I decided this was the right choice for my own IRA shares. It was easy to learn how to do it.

  15. When the people are asking the question, and not one federal agency seems to be investigating…

  16. Who in their right mind thinks it’s a great idea to test the disaster recover system during the trading hours. I don’t buy this

  17. No one does. It was done on purpose, I’m convinced. A glimpse at what real price discovery might start to look like?

  18. Profiting from trading based on material non-public information is ILLEGAL. “Interrogating corporate CEOs”

  19. “Interrogating corporate CEOs”. Sounds like making money by trading based on material non-public information to me. That is ILLEGAL.

  20. This guy in the link is a known shill who has posted in ss and has been nasty to people. Always seems to have a motive to get people to buy options. Just take this with a grain of salt.

  21. DRS is the way. SIPC could never pay out $500k per person, and who knows if brokers own any shares. They would have to recall lent shares, and I suspect the shorting proceeds were already spent on things like Disney world and returning “profits” to clients. The brokers have no recourse if they can’t recall the shares without counterparties going broke.

  22. Doesn’t matter to me. I’d like to wait until someone shows up at my house with an old fashioned offer. I know what I hold.

  23. 16 Billion in profit with no net short position in a downturn market, literally Bernie Madoff!

  24. Stealing is essential to ensure proper market functioning /s

  25. Tick tock. Who was the journalist who asked questions about Madoff? Plus, there is Matt Taibbi, who wrote the article on Madoff in Rolling Stone. How do I inform an investigative reporter about what “could” be going on? It seems that, at minimum, an article could be written asking the right questions.

  26. Lmayo…maybe this guy could be questioned by the DOJ and FBI. It would be interesting to hear him explain.

  27. He also talked about DRS'ing shares, and FTD's. i made a thread with those clips earlier

  28. it was just removed a couple minutes ago by mods claiming "it's not GME related" which is what they continue to do to censor conversations even though there was a thread about this interview YESTERDAY with 5.1K upvotes

  29. Yeah, no reason for it to be removed. I want to watch it.

  30. Short positions are a liability not an asset I thought

  31. They are. I mean, the Fed or treasury could certainly take on the liability, but then they are responsible for paying me. I’m not leaving. They would have to become a market maker and be responsible for keeping the price down each day.

  32. This is interesting. I would send evidence to the regulators and the company.

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