1. You have been camping that tower along time with a sniper that has glint, you stood at the edge for solid 30 sec!!!! Dude he was 1000% not cheating you are just very very bad at the game

  2. And they say AA is not broken! Suree its easy to headshot a guy 360 dolphin diving down a hill

  3. Fun with dick and jane with jim carrey and some blond woman

  4. They have to make the game accessible to everyone. If you think you can abuse it, go ahead and try. Let me know how it goes.

  5. I did in WZ 1 to show my friend how broken it truly is

  6. Tbf i didnt know they patched the collision thing ( that thing was nuts)

  7. Wow if you think this is interesting as fuck you life is a HUGE mess

  8. Love how all the little kids here know they are on that list since they are always exfil camping and if you guys are so desperate for PVP action you can always queue BR but ohh noo ofc you suck to much at the game and you feel some selfworth? when prone in a bush with a sniper to kill people that are just doing some missions

  9. Turn it off if you have the option! Why play in unfair unbalanced lobbies?

  10. On console the only cheat which goes through is the cronus one where you have 0 recoil and even an option to make semi auto weapons to full automatic

  11. IMO choosing a building in the first circle and staying there until forced to move is camping but let's say end of the 4th and a building is at the edge of the 5th im setting up there to get the most advantage and IMO that is strategic

  12. I think it's silly to shit on some just because they have a different play style than you do...

  13. Their "different" playstyle is actually ruining my playstyle, i and alot other like the pve aspect of dmz and only do pvp when mission required and people like him will 60% of the games camp an exfil

  14. Don't worry. Wether you fight back or not doesn't matter to us. But it is amusing how you try to justify the way you play, by claiming others mainly exfil camp. 12 kill rounds is not from camping 1 spot, I can assure you that. But if it makes you sleep better thinking that, go right ahead.

  15. 5 POI and 5 containers, yeah he was camping in all my games i have never even seen 3 full squads in the same POI UNLESS there is an exfil close by

  16. They exfil camp because they need to feel important about their 5+ kills and then post it on reddit, like that one guy that had 15 kills and 4 containers opened and 5 POI visited, that guy 100% exfil camped with a sniper

  17. Kill 10 operators in a single deployment with a knife with polyatomic camo on it

  18. Dude thats way to easy! He asked for a T6 not a T0

  19. Triple down. Hell yeah. Let's gooo! Keep the bigotry coming!

  20. Bro you have no idea if im correct or not! How the fuck it bigotry? Are you that guy? Can you confirm anything??

  21. You're getting there. I don't know if you are correct or not regarding your evaluation of the picture. That's why I proposed a possibility, while you made a psychological evaluation and personality profiling just form a picture. That is bigotry.

  22. Like i said my limited knowledge of how dreds work

  23. I got scavanger and then battle hardend.. Maybe random each time or?

  24. Bro maybe I’m just better at the game than you so I can get more kills. 100 exfil’s on DMZ which is more than enough to kill 500 operators is only 50 hours. Games been out how long now. Few hours a day or a full day a week ticks that off. My second account is all PvP so some games is rack up 10-20 operator kills, it was much faster.

  25. Bro if you have the time to have 2 accounts with 500 kills thats enough

  26. You must have been one of the guys I killed with GPU’s. Sorry to hear mate

  27. Higly doubt it lol, only been killed while exfil 2 or 3 times

  28. Got mine by getting the case then activating a sam site there + the deqd drop dumpster is close by took 2 games

  29. So you want the TTK to be quicker? Quicker than 0.2 sec???

  30. My point is this commenter was complaining that the guy in the video should have won because he had multiple rounds into the guy. Everyone on this Reddit complains about the ttk until it comes to their shooting, instead of realizing that akimbo gs .50 would win there.

  31. They just ment a pistol should not 2 tap to kill if a 50 cal sniper to the dome does not kill, the game is just super unbalanced and tbf a pretty shit game that we still love yo play

  32. Just adding to the glitch confirmation, its probably because of a blueprint.

  33. Happend to me last night and no blueprints used

  34. I died stuck in that dumb menu a bunch of times since you can't dismiss it with escape, since that brings the Leave Game menu.... you just have to pray that it works pressing the loot menu again... otherwise you have to hit escape like 4 times

  35. Yepp same but we can choose what we want to loot 2 sec faster than controller players so we are truly at a huge game changing advantage!

  36. what do you mean 2 seconds faster... every time I wanna loot something my cursor is in the corner of the screen... I literally lose all that time trying to spot the damn thing

  37. 6-7 kd? Im not raging but theres no shot im believing that

  38. Or or you are constantly screaming rascial slurs, we dont know

  39. But its less than 7 mins of the game, that's kinda absurd tbh. And yes there is no Chopper nearby nor anything.

  40. Not even near that, we're at the hard right of Mawizeh Marshlands and I gues 100-200m under of Police Academy.

  41. Then its pretty odd how they got that much cash so quickly coz at the airport i have gotten around 50 k in the first like 2-3 min solo

  42. I agree. I think I lot of people on both sides of the spectrum probably need those on the other side more than they realize.

  43. But with how good the AI is in this game i could see that they put "bot players" if DMZ goes down, like the materials are all there to do it

  44. Still stuck on Legion tier 2 being completed but not unlocking legion tier 3 or black mous. This issue shouldn't have survived 2 whole weeks with no patch fix.

  45. And it took them whole 8 hours to fix a xp exploite, this just shows that they dont give a shit about the players

  46. Sorry I’m salty. 3/4 games played I crashed and in the game I did play the hostage exfil chopper landed on a roof we couldn’t access with the hostage (couldn’t carry him up a ladder)

  47. From my 3 Team onr isnt crashing at all, he has an old 1060, second has a 3070 crashing legit every second / third Match, me crashing 1/5 matches with a 2070

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