1. For what it's worth, it is based on the German word Schuler, which implies a child in school. Student (also German) implies someone is in college.

  2. I stay in contact with my former students all the time. I take the philosophy of student for life.

  3. fun fact - Garmin is an american company, dual domiciled actually; founded in Kansas.

  4. Lifelong ELP fan here. I am so old, I bought their LPs when they were new. Not counting the live albums, here is my list of favorites.

  5. It's a complete irrelevance, really. Pele did exactly the same thing.

  6. I don't know how much you understand South Florida, but it may as well be called New Hispania. The young people here idolize him.

  7. Not a direct answer to ur question but I grew up a Dortmund fan (and I'm not German or from the area or anything) I'd just love to know how you overcome the heartbreaks

  8. They field a competitive team without breaking the bank. I keep it all in perspective.

  9. Bump him. This is the same dude who didn't realize there were players outside the Bayern bubble. Because of that, they flamed out in Qatar.

  10. Now I know why people complain about the state of this sub. Just absolutely awful opinions here

  11. We as consumers have a right to these opinions. We are marketed incessantly that certain players are great, then they fail to generate the entertainment we were promised. That is the simple truth.

  12. It really depends on what he wants from his legacy. He has children, so there is that issue. He is Muslim, so there is that. His family's roots are in France, Spain, and Algeria. It is really going to depend on whether he chases after the multigenerational wealth the Saudis can offer, and his current financial state.

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