1. I am grateful for my parents honestly for their continued love and support! RunWithIronWolf

  2. I guess you are right. Iceraven is any good/stable ? to replace fennec as my 2nd firefox browser to read always opened tabs of some blogs with dark reader . I will be using it alongside my main browser Mull.

  3. thanks I wont use it , also some Extensions dont seem to work for me in it.

  4. you dont need courses for termux. As u/ sylirre says "it is just an app to run commandline environment on phone." The thing you need is to learn basic linux skills to use termux properly, for that checkout u/ sylirre's comment. For starter you can use it to manage your files, download videos/audios/files and automate various tasks. You will move ahead as you learn more. You can look up at google or this sub for issues you face. Also previous posts here are first to check before posting new help post if any. Goodluck.

  5. Try full screen mode by configuring ~/.termux/

  6. thank you it worked. I tried it before but didnt know changes take effect when we close and restart termux.

  7. if i dont stop it, it keeps going. many times it occurs while downloading apps from official fdroid app. not really an issue , just found funny so shared here.

  8. Thank you but where do one find such cool sites ? could you suggest for more topics Linux,Programming etc.

  9. Not sure what you're asking for, the other guy just linked to a page listing all the commands for ytdlp, which can also be obtained via --help and also the

  10. No, I meant the website. It has so many nicely organised man pages on many topics. I was asking about similar sites for like programming,linux, tech etc.

  11. Much needed option. Though you can copy all urls at once as a condolence option.

  12. No, the original prompt is following A dream of a distant galaxy, by Caspar David Friedrich, matte painting trending on artstation HQ

  13. Currently, you can't without modifying source and recompiling. Support will be added in future.

  14. You were dumdum and made a spelling error. The program fixed it for you.

  15. sorry I dont get it. *.png/jpg works fine and I was looking for a way to give it directly file names. have dig into bash.

  16. Ok. Linux descriptions can sometimes be vague and/or arcane. If you look at the first line of the help text:

  17. Download all, then keep 8Gb only and delete the rest. Or fμϛκ with Bash to write a script that will calculate the size of your folder named "just_Eight_G_bee" . When its size reaches 8Gb the script will terminate your download. Profit

  18. Or write more complex one; it runs 'yt-dlp -F' on every video from that playlist. It will choose your desired formats. Then it will calculate their size and will only download those who constitute approx 8Gb.

  19. The fact that this type of analysis can happen in the first place is why I am a such big proponent of open standards and free and open source software. Proprietary systems with proprietary technology just don't have enough eyeballs on them and IMO is a security by obscurity strategy that leads to these types of vulnerabilities going undiscovered and exploited for years.

  20. Coding on mobile is painful but dunno about autocomplete feature but ig Acode and Quickedit are the only good code editors on Play Store. You may also try Squircle IDE on Fdroid.

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