Biden to pardon all prior federal offenses of simple marijuana possession

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  1. He now don't forget awesome BC in there who's been a big ally when it comes to the environment as well.

  2. Meanwhile in Britain, it was reported this week that Tory Police Commissioners want to make cannabis a Class A drug, bringing it in line with cocaine and heroin.

  3. I'm also a little skeptical... first, the necklace doesn't look like something from the mid-aughts. And how would a high schooler acquire it? Assuming the necklace is 15 years old, and the fiance was 15 when he bought it, I just really think the quality and price point of a necklace a 15 year old would and could buy is drastically different from that a 30 year would and could buy. I'm really curious as to the quality of the necklace. Is it actually nice? How did a 15 year old buy that? And also how did the fiance re-acquire the necklace? I thought he gave it to Annie. Did she give it back? I've never been bullied like that, but she wouldn't just throw it away? Why interact with him enough to give it back? Maybe she left it on the porch and he collected it later idk. And did he like... have this long con plan to torment Annie with it at some undetermined point in the future? It's a little unbelievable to me someone would really hang on to that necklace for 15 years just hoping to bully someone again.

  4. It said they were in private school, the likely explanation i(f this is real) is just that they’re rich. Most teenagers don’t drive a BMW, get fillers, go to schools that are 50,000 a semester—but some do

  5. The person who needed to be rich is the fiancé who bought the necklace. It’s not uncommon for one kid to be in private and another kid in public. Her sister may have had a scholarship and she didn’t. Maybe the could afford to send both but the other sister wasn’t academically motivated enough for private school to be worthwhile. There’s a lot of different kinds of families and situations. I don’t think whether you consider this story believable or not should really hinge on this.

  6. I’m calling him my ex husband but we haven’t actually gotten divorced yet. I filed but he hasn’t signed the papers. I wanted to figure out custody of the kids without getting lawyers involved so we agreed to the week on/week off thing.

  7. You can’t do that. Not having an official custody agreement is irresponsible.

  8. NTA, but I see a lot of concern in your post and comments about what Lucas thinks and feels about this situation. Since he’s an adult, especially one smart enough to be in med school, you should be talking to him directly.

  9. Why does it matter that it’s not organically forming? Young men are being targeted for radicalization in part because they’re more vulnerable to radicalization. The reasons are complex but they’re still rooted in culture m. Specifically a culture that is misogynistic towards women and robs men of learning the emotional skills that would help them resist this manipulation.

  10. They want to hurt gay people. There’s no genuine concern, just hate.

  11. I believe Elissa has said that Andre speaks predominantly Russian. I thought that said something about his political leanings, but there have been a few Ukrainians that have popped in to say that using Russian pre-invasion wasn’t necessarily a case of pro-Russian-ness. I believe many Ukrainians speak both, though I can’t say for certain. I do have friends in Romania/Moldova and most speak several languages.

  12. It doesn’t say anything about his political leanings. All the Ukrainians I know speak primarily Russian because they’re from Kyiv and grew up before Ukrainian was pushed more heavily in schools. I visited once with a friend from there and he said that he was frequently overhearing parents speak to their children in Russian and the kids replying in Ukrainian.

  13. I haven’t made it myself, but I particularly love the way Turkish people cook okra. Stewed in a tomato sauce.

  14. Every meeting is different, but I have still never been to an Alanon meeting that I like. ACoA has been much better to me.

  15. Sometimes I don't think they know how much effort and time goes to housekeeping. Sometimes they think it's easy because of their upbringing. Their thought process must be like: oh well she's at home, she isn't doing much.

  16. I think they think it comes easy to women because it’s part of our genetic code or something. Like “that’d be hard for me, but she’s just born with that natural ability.”

  17. I’ve always loved his movies and pods but I just got into his books and MAN does that dude have a knack for writing. So you’ve been publicly shamed is riveting.

  18. He’s one of the few people where the audiobooks are better than the books. His voice matches his words perfectly.

  19. I don’t know much about this, but I have a Clearchannel story that makes me think they’d make a good, insidious bastard.

  20. What are meetings like? I found one locally but am a bit hesitant to go because I have no idea what to expect.

  21. The bulk of meetings are people sharing their stories with a timer and a restriction on any “cross talk.” Meaning we don’t comment on or interrupt other people’s stories. That process is more healing than I think most people expect. Sometimes other peoples stories are very unlike yours, and sometimes they are much more similar than you’re comfortable with. It breaks down the feelings of isolation or uniqueness of your dysfunction. It shows you people who are at different levels of healing than yourself and what that can look like. It helps unstick emotions that you’ve been repressing. Whatever it is is a very basic process but it’s powerful.

  22. In my circle of ACoA friends I have a very standard abusive and alcoholic mother but others I know have: a parent with sex-addiction, a parent with a traumatic brain injury, parents whose parents were raised by alcoholics but didn’t drink themselves. In my years going to meetings I’ve heard probably hundreds of stories and they are abuse/dysfunction coming in the most overt and covert forms.

  23. Nah, he’ll die before he admits fault. It’s his one consistent personality trait.

  24. Totally. The one time my mom ever talked to me about the possibility of recovery, she told me “I don’t want to go to one of those places where they make you apologize, I just want to do it for me!” She’s not even capable of recognizing that the apologies are for the person recovering more than anyone. There’s a level of ego that makes recovery nearly impossible.

  25. I’m pretty sure it’s about obscuring how much he drinks. Like everyone knows he’s drinking but he only lets them see a fraction of it because he would be ashamed if they actually witnessed him doing. Also it makes him feel like he’s getting one over on people. When I was actively addicted to alcohol I used to his booze alllll over the place. “No, babe I was just out in the garage looking for a wrench. Then I went into the shed to sniff the lawnmower (for science). I had to go in the basement for a while because I was trying to see if that portal to Kathmandu was still there…No…this is only my first drink of the day.”

  26. As someone who was raised by a wealthy alcoholic, this is the interpretation I endorse. She could have absolutely afforded a complex stash in a locked mini-fridge in her studio. But she chose gradually diluting her Coca-Cola with whiskey in the fridge until it was completely amber over the course of weeks. Paper bags just out of sight, bottles on high shelves, etc.

  27. Not everything that is sexually transmitted is EXCLUSIVELY sexually transmitted. But in the course of most people’s lives they’re only exposed to bodily fluids and blood from their intimate partners. She’s a nurse though. Needle sticks and other exposures happen. But she’d still be getting the same blood panels as everyone else.

  28. Okay, now I think I already checked it out a bit by watching a youtube video about it. I think I disliked something about it, but maybe I'm misremembering. I just checked, and the problem is not one of the actors. I think I'll checking out "for real" by starting with the first episode.

  29. Schitt’s creek takes a little time to grow on you. It’s one of those stories where the characters start out unlikable, but then you get to know them and really love them. It’s about a bunch of self-centered people learning to become better.

  30. IDK, his reveal did actually make me wonder if I’d overlooked implications that he’s been physically abusive in the past. He pivoted towards menacing her really quickly. And I think he is a dangerous sort of psychopath. His little speech about how this is “just like” all the other times she wanted something showed how deliberately and systematically he’s been undermining her the whole time. And then gaslighting her into thinking it’s because she lacks character rather than that he’s sabatoging her. And he goes on to tell her he’s going to sabatoge her again and that she has no say in whether they’re together. That’s some pretty high level abuse.

  31. I want to push back on that a little. They're both bad, just in different ways. My mom used cocaine early in her final two pregnancies, and my sister and I both have congenital heart defects because of it. We also both have adhd but can't use stimulants to treat it because of the heart defects. It's a pretty bad deal.

  32. My mom used coke late in her pregnancy, and I think it more or less had the same impact that giving coke to a baby would have— not great but it’ll probably sober up just fine. This shit is so complicated because just a week or two in the womb is a world of difference developmentally to the fetus. It seems like people in here are maybe a bit too comfortable throwing around blanket statements.

  33. Lol, I don’t think anyone in her family ever taught her anything about how to act—so I doubt they’re starting now! People don’t become adult toddlers if they’ve ever been held accountable.

  34. and calling them Ashley and Ashley when she has to know they are sisters is next level trolling in a how shall I put this... that they may be more genetically similar than your average sisters, and I'm not referring to twins. haha

  35. Look, my family is from Texas and we’re all named Ashley. My name is Ashley, I have girl and boy cousins named Ashley. One of my cousins married a woman named Ashley, she took his last name and now they’re a married couple with THE SAME NAME. From a long line of Ashley’s from Texas, I declare these two to be honorary Ashleys.

  36. It’s goes back to the eleventh commandment “thou shalt not pass by any chance to manufacture thy own persecution.”

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