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  1. Watch some white investor comes along with a celebrity endorsement a few months now to bastardize the drink as well as beginning to see it everywhere.

  2. thank you for the advice, I am getting tons of support and new perspectives from this post. I am very grateful for this

  3. As cliche as it is, Time Heals All Wounds. Don't drown yourself with a bottle or go to space via a herb. Keep a clean mind as you process your emotions. Using other substances can cloud the process and prolong your healing.

  4. Is there a reason why you’re including that your cousin is gay? Genuinely curious, and hope your cousin has a community there <3 A couple friends just moved to NC, so it seems like a safe area.

  5. Because you think if you were gay you move to a state that at least treats you like a human/have a higher population who sees you as you rather than as a sin (NC). I'm sure there are pockets of NC that are safe.

  6. Trading 1 shithole for another. Younger folks leaving because they got a job opportunity in a different state that the same pays goes a lot further than what they'll earn in CA.

  7. Honestly the biggest reason I'd like to live in Japan is just the general attitude of politeness and responsibility. It's crazy how clean their major cities are.

  8. Japan has race issues, especially if you're not well, white skinned. Even being white you'll still encounter some hurdles due to being an outsider.

  9. Desperation forces people to make some insane choices that spread disease. Throw in conspiracy believing bosses and it's no wonder why the workplace spread COVID way more than was necessary in America.

  10. Very easy for someone in a fortunate position to go "please everyone wear masks and if you're sick stay home." Some of us folks do not have the luxury to work from home let alone using a paid sick day off (counts as pto). It be nice to get paid if I were sick/recover from home doing the work as much as I can but nope. Anything longer than the alloted pto means my ass is on the curb as my employer looks for a new hire.

  11. I was a ranger medic in the army for five years, I'm pretty tolerant to that shit. I've had to take care of constipated soldiers puking shit, so puke and shit isn't really a big deal besides smelling bad lmao

  12. Infantry here. Grew tolerant of all sorts of smells especially going to the porta John in the stumps in the summer when its 110 degrees out.

  13. This is what’s happened over the past decade. First they had exclusive ticketing rights with the venues, now they own venues and festivals and more

  14. The Nazis took a decent chunk of their inspiration for how america expanded into the west for what they did in eastern Europe.

  15. You gotta look at Kanye as a disgustingly rich narcissist first, and a black man second.

  16. You recall correctly. Interestingly enough, he ended up accidentally killing himself.

  17. You never come out ahead though. The real cost of being a victim of crime is the mental anguish and lack of trust that follows, often for the rest of your life.

  18. For sure lack of trust in your fellow citizen as a crime can be happening in front of them and not a single peep nor footage. It's everyone out for themselves unless you live in some unincorporated town out in the middle of nowhere and even then, shit rurally can go bad.

  19. I lived in an area with a lot of breakins for a few years and I legit just never locked my car. Occasionally I'd go out and find the glove box open but it saved me from having a window broken. I just took everything out of it and left it completely empty all the time

  20. That won't work these days as the average thief can pop your hood open and rip your battery off.

  21. I went back in ‘18 with fond memories and was severely disappointed by a terrible burger. I’m not sure if standards improved or their food declined, but it was a bad experience outside of the fries.

  22. It wasn't a great place for Burgers, but for their sugary alcoholic drinks and finger foods as you figure out where else to go for the night.

  23. A bit curious why Amazon has seems to choose woodland Hills for a lot of their new "projects"... We had the first amazon fresh (full on grocery store) in the country and now this redesigned version of amazon go...

  24. You don't see a Trader Joe's in the hood; it's corporations targeting wealthier neighborhoods while in the same breath talk about food security and access to all bullshit. They ain't practicing what they preach

  25. Please don't buy plants from stores like Trader Joe's or Home Depot.

  26. Can you please try to trap them so you can spay/neuter and release?

  27. Yes, I'm looking into doing so. I fear the neighbors as well as the nearby apartment complex is feeding these cats.

  28. They, the oppressivly corrupt Supreme Court. The highest court in the land has been infiltrated by heartless dementors set on burning America for the rich.

  29. Bro you arguing in bad faith if you are bringing up 'dae dems founding kkk" rhetoric that right-wingers use to deflect. You coincidentally left out the Party Switch that took place and what the current political party makeup is since that switch.

  30. Man i live in a stupid expensive country where you need a winterized greenhouse to grow tomatoes IN SUMMER.

  31. I can grow tomatoes all year long but honestly I see them as a weed. It's annoying clearing out a tomato patch and finding new tomato plants emerging months later

  32. For me, about exactly two months. Peppers like their time...

  33. So glad to be in zone 10b. I got a few pepper seedlings doing well right now

  34. I ordered a few times from Baker Creek and they were all mailed a few days after ordering.

  35. Baker Creek is relatively quick compared to others such as Johnny Seeds and Burpee.

  36. It allows you to show the interview team how you fit into the role in a way that your application can't, using information that simply doesn't belong in your resume. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to show them you've done the leg work and understand what the company does, their industry, and what you expect the role to be. Think of it as an on paper elevator pitch with the team as to why they should interview you and then you hand them your resume.

  37. At least most of the players were against the regime despite certain death

  38. No pity for the players. They have their hand in the cookie jar as they wince at us with said hand still in the jar.

  39. Good, classic wrestling game. The customizations and general exhibition match settings like Hell in a Cell were good times.

  40. In his defense, at some point he also became mentally incompetent while being advised by hardcore racists, anti-semites, misogynists, homophobes, and christofascists. Sometimes he didn't even know where he was and he was just reading his lines! So those weirdos got to use his acting skills to push their insane agendas on this country without even needing to win elections.

  41. No one should use, "in his defense" when discussing Ronald Reagan.

  42. Check it out I'm 47 yrs old youngster where u stay in elos we can talk in person

  43. Homie go handle a mortgage. 47 years old and you created a sub for a wack ass e-group let alone trying to act hard on an online forum lol

  44. Hybrid here, but with a stupid short commute. I would LOVE to ride my bicycle to work but sadly all routes leading to work is straight outta Mad Max.

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