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life expectancy USA by county

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  1. Are the Microsoft drives rare? Is it just like a cartridge that you need to swap whenever you want to switch between 360 games and original games?

  2. No, it's just a standard hard drive that has access to the emulation software. You COULD have dedicated HDDs but you can put 360 and OG games on the same one.

  3. Gun to my head probably Odyssey, but given the chance I'm throwing them all out to the curb.

  4. Yep, that's why it's my preference. It nails the gloomy atmosphere and "doomer" fears of Cold War America as opposed to just being inspired by and designed around Cold War America.

  5. There's almost never a game on there that I actively play. Switch between apps more than anything and if a game is on there it's usually for achievements.

  6. I feel like he would go into a five minute rant about how it's a Mauser instead of an Arisaka.

  7. In every game I play I always figure it to be 100m, some are more and some are less. To be extra sure, like a fucking nerd, I go and zero my rifle every time I swap optics by shooting an environmental object/surface while prone until I get used to it and it becomes muscle memory.

  8. I've done anniversary achievements a couple times but usually it's getting the last achievement on the anniversary of the first achievement. I don't think I've ever really had a gap this big, maybe Assassins Creed?

  9. You're doing the mistake I made for years, you're matching based on previous incorrect entries believing there's correlation instead of coincidence.

  10. I've had the same issue in Beta ring with the same conditions, don't need to reboot or reconnect HDD and only started happening last couple updates.

  11. Destiny social media go brrrrr. It's normal. Personally I know why I'm not happy but it's something that's very rarely talked about and isn't a main concern, if at all, for the community overall. If it's improved upon I play, if not I don't simple as.

  12. In this situation I think you're Luke and they're Obi-Wan but you know rhem as Ben Kenobi.

  13. Robobrains because they kill me in 2-76 hits and it seems like I'm pulling straws everytime I fight one.

  14. I was going to say "Southern cooking" coming from Iowa fried food wasn't at all a regular thing growing up.

  15. Grew up with a guy who jumped the Iowa border to Missouri and even that short distance was a culture shock to him. We don't fry nearly as much as deep south but boy howdy does the "civil war border state" mantra still ring true sometimes.

  16. It's wild that my county is light blue in an almost entire sea of pink and red given the politics are heavily shared between the areas. Even income levels are similar. I'm almost willing to bet it's because we have a more lenient rural clinic so you can go in and out without losing an arm and leg.

  17. Tbf, you're using two stylized portraits vs Kimball's actual visage. He's a working man corrupted by greed and power but the other two are snakes to begin with. Yes Man is a cartoon in a robo-body; perfection.

  18. I like it too. It works well aesthetically with power armor. If I wanted to play a game with realistic looking weapons, I'd play Call of Duty.

  19. You say that until you start looking into weapons a bit closer and realize that there's a lot of "liberties" taken in CoD. For example, in MW2022 the Lachman 7.62 or G3 has no paddle mag release or mag curvature yet is reloaded like an AK. So in reality you just bang a mag against the gun and the one in the weapon just falls out. No pressing of buttons no manipulation of parts just pure fantastical forces keeping the weapons working.

  20. Correct but realistic is a stretch. Some weapons, such as the Fennec, can function and look the part whilst skating the legal line. Others don't in their current form. The point is, in both scenarios suspension of disbelief can only get you so far before flaws are too obvious to ignore regardless of the final product looking or functioning the way it does for outside reasons.

  21. While great in 1 & 2, in third-person games there's a lot of variables that can affect personal choice. Obviously energy weapons are visually bulky and are harder to maintain and feed usually. In NV, base game energy weapons are sort of lackluster stat wise in comparison to traditional ballistic weaponry but the DLC gives huge bumps in variety and usefulness. On top of everything energy weapons are the successor to conventional weaponry lorewise but are just alternatives in gameplay besides F1 and F2.

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