1. How many people are going to watch goofy goobers vs skwirel warriors? The farther you get from the top of any given caregory be it French teams, women’s teams, world’s teams, etc. the lower and lower the viewership gets. A 32 or 35 team league or multiple leagues is insane for tier 2 na valorant. #40 vs #39 na teams is just not that exciting. As an aside, this is why the complaints about the investment into game changers compared to tier two are invalid, there is a sizable audience that wants to watch the world’s best women’s teams no matter how good they are amongst men’s teams, but there just isn’t an audience for the thirtiest best na team, even if that team is better than the world’s best gc team.

  2. What will it take for you to realize that it doesn’t if I’m strawmanning you. This isn’t a debate. There are facts about how the tournament is going to be run because it actually makes sense for Valorant, and then there’s you complaining about it on Reddit and actually thinking that your opinion matters at this point. Everything has already been decided. Give it up.

  3. I know it’s a straw man. I know you’re a perfect little angel valorant lover. IT DOES NOT MATTER. Again, everything has been decided. This is literally the fallacy fallacy. Just because I called you names doesn’t mean I’m wrong. If someone calls you a dumbass for not believing that 2 + 2 is 4, it doesn’t suddenly change things. God doesn’t come down from the heavens and say, “you called him a mean word? I’m changing reality so that 2 + 2 equals 5 now”

  4. ? Did u think u were thanos typing this i doubt he cares about what this sub posts

  5. i'm not here to watch an analytical study of Squirtle Squad's attack side defaults. I'm here to watch drama unfold through the parasocial relationships I've formed with famous 20 year old nerds

  6. They will weather the storm, but that will partly be due to the firings that are taking place today and likely in the future as well.


  8. All I want to know is why doc got banned slasher the people are waiting

  9. Sliggy is currently off on a secret mission to restore greatness to a certain team but will be back soon™ if you have questions for Riot and Leo on the LOCK//IN or VCT 2023 format post them below we go live at Noon EST/18:00 CET at

  10. Thank god their brain dead fans who don’t even like Valorant will leave this sub now

  11. Why would anyone watch a regional round Robin, versus a one loss and you’re out TOURNAMENT which actually brings in an audience for every game

  12. “Yeah I'm going to trust Morgan Stanley more than a media outlet. Especially a media outlet that doesn’t list its author.”

  13. I think the format question comes down to economics for both Riot and the orgs. Riot are clearly not interested in running multiple streams and want to showcase every game to maximise exposure. I would love for Riot to explain more about why they don't think concurrent streams works, beyond the fan experience because it's clearly more than that.


  15. 'Splits the audience' I think I'm on the right track.

  16. This also isn’t a Valorant decision. Riot has hated multiple streams for years. I highly doubt we ever see multiple streams for any of their major esports events.

  17. Let’s be real: That’s more than a bit of a jump. We’re not even sure the merger will go through yet. This post is fearmongering at best.

  18. BREAKING: The majority of @overwatchleague teams have hired a British law firm to collectively bargain against Activision Blizzard amid growing frustrations around operation costs, lackluster viewership and a distinct lack of a path to profitability.

  19. No, recommitted to it, OP is doomposting again

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